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Cryptocurrencies and Countries: Which countries have them and which will have them in the future

2019-12-11 12:14:13

The following article will talk about the Criptomonedas highlighting in turn which countries have them and which will have them in the future.

There is much controversy in some countries of the world, even rejection within the community, but it is clear that the rise of Criptomonedas is increasing, it is not surprising that all these circumstances exist, certainly governments have been responsible for the creation of their own currencies and at no time outside the innovations, this technology, which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto is available to anyone, it is good that we understand something, that these digital assets, their creation, is not exclusive to Bitcoin and neither Of the Criptomonedas, there are many applications of blockchain technology, which can be used in many different ways, nowadays everyone is attentive to want to have their own Criptomonedas, which technology companies and even banks have established their plans in this regard, even several countries are also in that, this article presents in its content that countries have them and which will have them in the future, pa To know we enter the following text.

What countries have Criptomonedas?

·         Venezuela

Petro is the name that received the new digital monetary system of this country, on December 3, 2017, announced before the national press by President Nicolás Maduro Moros, this system is backed by mineral reserves, gold, coltan, oil , gas and diamonds, the central objective of this project is economic independence and at the same time to avoid international sanctions imposed by the international community, we are talking about one of the first Countries in the world that have Criptomonedas, despite being still limited , is developing gradually.

Several exchanges have already been created, so that it can be bought and sold using other Criptomonedas such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, Petro is a stable Criptomonedas, it is anchored to the cost of a barrel of Venezuelan oil, through government entities it is already possible the acquisition of Petro.

Which countries will have them in the future Criptomonedas

·         China

There are many countries actors of the Criptomonedas, but we can say that China is among the most active, only that the government-Criptomonedas relationship has many ups and downs, the history of the market in this country is complicated, recently they have even banned the use of these, what that if it is necessary to highlight is that the Central Bank of China has among its plans to issue its own cryptocurrency starting in 2016, the efforts aim to combine the degrees of centralization and decentralization, which could allow to take advantage of the advantages that this would bring In addition, to have the adjustments in the financial structure, it has been of great concern for the Chinese authorities, the use of the Libra cryptocurrency through Facebook, which if this could be a boost for creation in response to A cryptocurrency

         Dubai (UAE)

It is among the Countries in which there is already a proposal for the creation of a cryptocurrency which is supported by the state, anchored to the Dirham we talk about emCash, with blockchain technology, this would be a state currency, to be used in transactions which are normally done daily, such as going to stores or buying coffee, what is intended is that transactions can be faster, safer and cheaper, which in turn can demonstrate the advantages of trade and businesses use them and even at the government level.

·         India

Since April 2018, the Central Bank of India is considering opting for its own digital currency, since then it is carrying out the pertinent studies of the viability of this project in the country, in August of the same year, the creation of the Interdepartmental group that carried out studies in this regard, which concluded that the support would be in the Rupee, which would enter into the objectives of the government to save costs on ticket printing and reduce cash, this project is currently paused , possibly because of the complex nature of this issue for a country like India and its characteristics.

·         Marshall Islands

This nation has already announced the launch of its cryptocurrency, which will be called Sovereing (Sovereign), for the small nation of the South Pacific, this digital asset, which is approved by the parliament, of a legal legacy similar to the already circulating dollar, in addition , this has the blockchain technology, certainly the criticisms were expected, by the International Monetary Fund. which warned of the risks that may exist due to the use of Criptomonedas, urging them to abandon the projects.

It has been explained by the chief economist of the Sovereign (SOV) project Peter Dittus, that the national digital currency and integrating it into the monetary system, will be of great help to reduce the high costs in sending remittances, the road is long but it is possible that This Country enters the Countries with Criptomonedas very soon.

·         Iran

There are intentions to launch their national cryptocurrency, by the government of this country, the authorities clearly stated that the main objective of this is to avoid the sanctions imposed by the United States, which in turn will be backed by gold, the project is born of the need for a solution with the international banks for the restrictions that this country has, The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran is overseeing the initiative being developed by a specialized group and the direction of technological and scientific affairs of the presidency, This happens at the same time that Criptomonedas like Bitcoin is banned in the country, but it is certainly opening a bit.


The decrease in cash as a dependency causes Israel to join the countries interested in the Criptomonedas, the plan is to issue a cryptocurrency that has the same value as the legal tender, the shekel, highlighting that there is no talk of a cryptocurrency as such On the part of the government, he calls it a digital shekel, despite this, the operation is the same as that of the Criptomonedas taking into account the Swedish project E-krona as inspiration and reference by the country's legislators, for the exit of the Shekel digital will have to wait a long time, since the representation of the Bank of Israel declared that this nation will not be among the first to do this, but nothing was said about the project, what it implies is that it is paused at the moment .

·         Russia

It has been publicly mentioned about the possible creation of a cryptocurrency for Russia, by President Vladimir Putin at the end of 2017, this with the intention of strengthening the economy of the country and making trade easier internationally, announced by the authorities of the country, the creation of the Criptorublo, presented as a project to face the sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States, but it will not be a topic to be addressed in a short time, said by the director of the Central Bank of Russia on June 15.

·         Sweden

One of the countries that has expressed the greatest interest is Sweden, to get rid of cash, at the beginning of 2017, the Central Bank (Riksbank) proposed the creation of a digital currency with the name of e-Krona, to reduce the flow of bills and currencies that are in circulation, for small retail trade transactions would be a perfect solution according to the Indian government on e-Krona, this country does not integrate the eurozone, which means that by this measure it does not conflict with the Central Bank European.

·         Switzerland

The state Criptomonedas has been the subject of conversation by the authorities of this country, which is studying the feasibility of this, the name would be e-franc or cryptofranco, the inspiration of this is the e-Krona of Sweden, in the same situation that Sweden, this country is outside the eurozone, which means that it will not be limited or restricted by the central bank of Europe, we are among the countries in the world with the greatest interest in the Criptomonedas.

·         Other countries

There are many countries that show interest in the Criptomonedas, which have similar plans to those that were named, an initiative that can be deepened in the future, Tunisia, Senegal and Venezuela are more advanced with their projects, but we have the cases of Uruguay, Peru , The Bahamas, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Singapore, Ukraine, Japan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Brazil, Countries that are contemplating launching their Criptomonedas projects and are conducting studies, the most visible here is that in the future the Criptomonedas will be of all kinds, thanks to a large number of countries.

We conclude with this explanation, we hope that this content is very useful, which was based on the Criptomonedas and which countries have them and which will have them in the future.

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