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Criptomonedas: porque han cerrado fondos de inversión en criptomonedas este año

2019-12-18 14:58:45

On this occasion we made for you a guide on Cryptocurrencies where we will explain everything about investment funds.

According to an investigation carried out by Crypto Fund Research, they have given details about the investment funds where they explain that in 2019 only half of the funds were launched compared to 2018, which implies a high cut, but that It is not all, since by the end of 2019, at least 70 Cryptocurrency investment funds are expected to close, which leads us to observe in detail the great fall that this brings to the world of Cryptocurrencies, obviously this represents a year as quite volatile for Bitcoin and its counterparts which makes investors tend to feel uncomfortable enough.

All these changes that usually occur globally tend to bring something new and that is why the New York Stock Exchange has been working hard on the option of owning digital assets, which are very well profiled as their clients seem to were about to disappear quickly.

In the meantime, it is important to take into account the opinion of Nic Carter, the co-founder of the Coin Metrics cryptocurrency market research firm, who claims that the market is definitely run by retailers and will remain so in A visible future

Why is there a closure by region in this year 2019 in terms of investment funds and Cryptocurrencies?

It is good to be clear that Bitcoin continues to work as a silent investment fund in the world of Cryptocurrencies, because the volume of trade with this payment method has increased considerably, as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) And Bakkt, have decided to increase its use since September and has a volume that has an annual average of at least 32,500 Bitcoins, which represents about USD 236.8 million to what the current change is, as it is framed in some 3500 trade accounts that work individually.

What are the calculations made by Skew.com about the volume of Bitcoin?

Skew.com is simply a registrar who has determined that these numbers written above only really represent a minimum of value, since Bitcoin presents future advances, especially in terms of exchange houses, which represents outside the US .UU, a volume that represents about 125 times much more money than it has on the platform, as this figure exceeds USD 10,000 million per day, which keeps them as the main house of Cryptocurrencies.

Michael Novogratz, as well as the Winklevoss brothers, and Fidelity have joined this type of investment funds, as this group is part of the supporters who consider the world of Cryptocurrencies attractive, which leads them to believe and grow in digital services , which leaves us with expectations, even when we don't have details of all the work itself.

Novogratz said in the most recent interview, that this is nothing more than a team work, because all people are doing their job, but if I make it clear that a wave of advisors will come who could have qualities and participation in small foundations, well barely in November the company for which he is executive director Galaxy Investment Partners LLC has decided to launch 2 new Bitcoin investment funds, which are aimed exactly at investors, as well as individuals of great purchasing power in the network .

In conclusion, making use of investment funds for the coming year will be a challenge for cryptocurrency companies worldwide

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