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Colgate launched its tube of recyclable toothpaste.

2020-01-21 21:09:42

The Colgate brand presents its latest novelty, the launch of a recyclable toothpaste tube, a truly unique detail.

 Colgate has stood out worldwide as one of the best brands in oral care products, but now it brings us a new product that leaves us speechless and is nothing less than a recyclable toothpaste tube, best of all is that it is already certified for vegans, this being a unique and firm step in this industry that opens the possibility of big changes

Why did Colgate decide to make a tube of recyclable toothpaste?

.The new recyclable toothpaste tube is called Smile for Good and is made of high density polyethylene, HDPE marital used to make the milk jugs, this is a way to contribute to the planet, since it can be a recycled object and also does not generate damage, This is a huge difference compared to other pipes that generate considerable environmental impact, as the plastic they are made of generates a lot of damage to the environment. Colgate-Palmolive CEO Noel Wallace has said that Colgate wants to make pipes part of the circular economy by keeping this plastic productive and eliminating waste.

How long did Colgate take to develop the recyclable toothpaste tube?

The estimated time was 5 years, a fairly long time, but one that can bring environmental benefits. The company was initially determined to use recycled plastic called high density polyethylene, only this is not squeezable for toothpaste, but that led to a breeze of HDPE grades using some correct combinations, in such a way that they achieved an important objective, and thus made it possible for people to squeeze the toothpaste comfortably, taking care of the details in terms of protecting the product and satisfying the demand for it by increasing production at considerable speeds.

The toothpaste has two variations Smile for Good Protection and Smile for Good Whitening, both available in some stores such as Superdrug, Ocado, Wilko Amazon, etc.

The contribution of large companies to the planet.

Colgate is committed to taking care of the toothpaste as much as possible, as an example of this is this product that is made from natural components in its great majority, 99.7 percent according to the Vegan Society, as it generally contains glycerin made from animal fat, and this company aims to achieve a hundred percent coverage of this recyclable toothpaste tube by the year 2025, making it an example to follow.

What other brands could be involved in recycling for their packaging?

  • Coca-Cola KO is committed to making sure that its cans and bottles contain at least 50 percent recycled material.
  • Proter & Gamble, is making refill packs for its Olay moisturizer.
  • Starbucks SBUX wants to eliminate plastic cups, as it is already testing a paper cup that uses far less plastic.
  • The Polish spring water company has estimated that by 2022 its plastic bottles will be recycled, in the case of those with a capacity of less than a gallon.
 Colgate is definitely an innovative company, because with the recyclable toothpaste tube it opens the door for other companies to decide to contribute to the planet as well.

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