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Climate change: la Extinción han bloqueado las entradas a la sede de Shell en Aberdeen.

2020-01-21 18:11:23

The protests against Shell continue as activists have blocked the entrances to Shellen Aberdeen's headquarters.

 Activists are continuing a two-week protest against Shell, claiming that the fossil fuel industry has not yet been held to account. Shell says it is still addressing emissions and reduction issues, which are causing serious consequences, even though Industrial Oil and Gas UK claims that these stunts will not solve climate change.

Occupation of Shell's platform.

 The demonstrators have indicated that they have blocked the entrances to Shell's headquarters by applying walks through the center of the city of Aberdeen, since the goal is to reach the port, for this they will start at the train station and head to Union St, since this type of action is to generate pressure.

 Ch Insp Davie Howieson, commander of the local area of South Aberdeen has reported that it is a peaceful protest that is taking place on Wellington Road, outside the company's premises, indicating further that the road was blocked from 06:45 and that it is ideal for users to avoid the area, even though they have been in contact with both Shell and the Extinction Rebellion protesters. EnQuest industry employees were sent home as a prevention method, well before the start of this walk that started in the city center

 Meanwhile, the protest is taking place amidst the chaos in Australia due to the voracious fires, which have left a huge loss of wildlife, thousands of animals and vegetation destroyed, all because of the catastrophe caused by climate change that is turning the whole planet upside down, and to some extent Shell is part of the fossil fuel industries that have caused these kinds of terrible changes, another similar case is happening in Indonesia where the floods have left thousands of people homeless, putting a discouraging picture.

 The demonstrators have been more reluctant and have blocked the entrances to Shell's headquarters in Aberdeen, because today they have a stronger reason to stay on the streets and that is that Shell in the midst of these disasters has announced the discovery of a huge gas field off the west coast, this simply has one reason, they care very little about what happens in the world as long as they fill their pockets.

 According to the opinion of a 57 year old consultant named Michael, participant in this demonstration, who is totally against the damage that is being caused to the planet, he says that both the government and Shell agree with the catastrophe that our children can live and do nothing to avoid it, Since he has stated "I am here today because as a father I am ultimately responsible for the safety of my children, whether it be today, tomorrow or in 30 years' time", it is good to point out that this company in the fossil industry is one of the companies that provides the most carbon emissions to the environment without measuring the consequences that this brings.

What is the Shell spokesperson's opinion of the protesters?

 In view of the fact that the protesters have blocked the entrances to Shell's headquarters in Aberdeen, the company has reacted by issuing some comments from a spokesperson, who ironically states that "the increased awareness of climate change that we have seen in recent months is a good thing, and as a company we agree that urgent action is needed", as it is clear that there is not a minimum of concern, if more focus is placed on the behaviour of their customers without seeing how much they are getting ahead of themselves, as long as they have enough profit for them, because the industry insists that as they move into the future they generate less carbon emissions and according to them they will make their customers decrease their emissions as well, as is a role we all have to play, only for those who today blocked the entrances to Shell's headquarters they don't seem to believe much in this kind of empty talk.

The words of the OGUK's director of communications.

According to Mr. Gareth Wynn "climate change will be solved with practical actions, not with conspiracy theories and acrobatics", everything seems to indicate that this gentleman has no interest in changing the culture, since it seems that he agrees with the continued destruction of the planet, for him it is disappointing that the demonstrators interrupt the working day, causing alarm instead of being involved in discussions with decision makers, this only indicates that for Shell their economic interests are above even their employees.

 Finally we take another comment that we found interesting to bring here and it is that this same direct indicates Our industry is full of people with the knowledge and skills of engineering and environment to play a key role in reducing emissions and we are already taking action, as there is definitely no doubt that their concern is only their economic gains.

 In short, the detail of the protesters blocking the entrances to Shell's headquarters in Aberdeen is only a hindrance in the opinion of the company that only looks after its interests without measuring the consequences that this will bring even for themselves, because nobody is exempt from the drastic change that the planet is presenting and Shell is one of the causes of this.

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