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low blood sugar can turn you into a monster

2020-04-16 14:28:28

Studies reveal that low blood sugar can make those who suffer from it a monster

a person can become a monster by having low blood sugar.

Science confirms that it can turns into a monster for lack of sugar.

A few years ago, the scientific journal of the United States National Academy of Sciences, in April 2014, showed that married couples gradually get mad at each other when they have low blood sugar.

There is a scientific reason behind these facts and that is that, in simple words, the brain takes sugar as a fuel to function, so when this component falls, so does your brain capacity.

As a result of this fact, if we have a low level of sugar this causes our brain to not be able to control tasks that require a lot of energy such as self-control, therefore if we lack this component it is very likely that it can become a monster.

That same magazine published a new study by Brad Brushman and colleagues where they analyzed 107 couples over 21 days and found that people who experienced cases of low blood sugar were much lower than normal. The couples were willing to openly show their anger before them.

In general, low blood sugar can affect some people more than others. Some bodies are worse at regulating glucose than others, and that, according to data from other studies, may increase the likelihood of misbehavior.

One of the most impressive where it can be shown that it can turn into a monster was when a study was done on the glucose-6-osfato dehydrogenase ratio (a common genetic alteration associated with low glucose levels) and the rates of violent deaths and in wars in 122 countries. They concluded that there was a significant correlation.

After that various experiments were started where these facts are demonstrated, for example in a test, the participants who drank lemonade criticized other participants less loudly when given the opportunity (a measure of aggression) compared to those that they were given a placebo.

And to make this gap more stark, they were injected with insulin to see the results more clearly, and the participants ended up having more negative humor with what the authors concluded: "It can lead to more negative evaluations of a life situation."

A curious fact is that in 1984, it showed that these variations helped prevent violent episodes in 84 percent of criminals. But it has to be clarified that this fact should not be believed 100 percent because there are different factors to alter the regulation of sugar and it does not contain anything more to subjects who fit into this category, but it serves to give us an idea that with Low blood sugar can become a monster.

 In conclusion, if we want to avoid that it can become a monster, we must avoid having a low sugar level, always take a snack with you!

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  • low blood sugar can turn you into a monster
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