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CES: New hybrid electric Jeeps presented by Fiat Chrysler

2020-01-09 22:43:27

The content of this article will deal with new hybrid electric Jeeps from Fiat Chrysler.

 Fiat Chryler has among its plans this week at the Las Vegas technology conference the presentation of new hybrid electric Jeeps, not only is it possible that by 2022 the vehicles will be electrified SUV models, for more details it is good to follow the content below.

What are the new hybrid electric Jeeps from Fiat Chrysler?

 We have the new hybrid electric Jeeps shown by the Italian-American manufacturer, pluggable, they are the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Compass and Jeep Renegade, where the new insignia that they have these are 4xe, as the 4x4 off-road maraca its game of Jeep reputation, the inclusion of electrification for the next Jeep 4xe, will be of great effort to become the leader of the Premium green technology, Fiat Chryles expressed it this way

  It will be of great value if the vehicles allow Fiat Chrysler to meet the country's fuel economy standards, perhaps with support if it enhances the SUV brand image. Electric vehicles bring with them an all-electric drive, before it is necessary to have a combustion engine in the traditional and common way, but this is comparable to those that do not use fossil fuels, in the United States only has its only PHEV, being the case for the peaceful Chrysler minivan.

What are the expectations of the new hybrid electric Jeeps from Fiat Chrysler?

 By 2022, a form of electrification will be offered for all Jeep SUVs, including other Jeep models in the U.S. lineup. This includes other Jeep models in the U.S. line, being the SUV Cherokee t Grand Cherokee and Gladiator van, which is based on Wrangler, in the case of plug-in models, which are those of Compass and Renegade, were exhibited in March at the International Auto Show, now we have that in the specific case of the Wrangler in 2018 was presented, as for the demonstration at CES were not offered any details about it, that information will be at the end of the year.

 Last year the models presented were said to have about 50 kilometers to offer, those were the plug-in Compass and Renegade, which had pure electric range and even a new turbo engine with a capacity of 1.3 liters of gasoline, in the case of the PHEV models were going to be presented along with a new concept of Airflow Vision name, which would demonstrate the next generation of transport according to Fiat Chrysler, in addition, was presented at CES the Fiat Centoventi which is entirely electric, which debuted in 2019 at the Geneva International Motor Show.

 This is how we ended our guide, where we had as a central theme the new hybrid electric Jeeps from Fiat Chrysler, we hope that it is useful what was presented in this content.

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