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Buy Ethereum: How to boy Ethereum

2019-12-15 16:52:42

Buy Ethereum will be at the heart of this explanation in this article, in addition, specifically what to know about how to buy Ethereum.

 A DIY blockchain, refers to Ethereum, with which it has the function of smart contract, Buy Ethereum, is the core of this content, this platform was invented in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, with the aim of creating decentralized applications , the popularity that this platform has obtained is impressive, just as it is currency, now we want to know how to buy Ethereum and for this we access the next content of this article.

What is ethereum? -

 Before we know As Ethereum buys, it is good to have the knowledge that we are talking about, with Ethereum it is possible to decentralize anything: being them, voting, domain names, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, corporate governance, contracts and agreements the most diverse nature, even intellectual property, the platform consists of doing it ourselves and to create block chains, this being the basis, we can even create different tokens which gives us the way to Buy Ethereum.

What is the ether?

 We are talking about the currency of the platform, which represents the main requirement to build or use the Ethereum platform, in the same way as bitcoin, we have the ether to be able to exchange over the internet and extract, the most common use is to call this currency by Ethereum and that can confuse many, by a presale of 2014, the total ether offer and its emission rate came out of that meeting.

 In which the creation was 60 million ethers that were given to those who contributed with the presale, 20 percent to the development fund, which was mostly destined to the first developers and contributors, the rest to the Etherium Foundation , at that time 3 ethers are created each block, this between 15 and 17 seconds, while now in 2019 it was lowered to 2 ethers.

 They are sent to another miner between 2 and 3 ethers, to find a possible solution in which their block was not included, on the currency, there are claims that this is not as much as the crypto fuel are, being this the meaning is that the ether, is simply a token that is used to access the Etherum platform, one of important basic concepts before you can understand how Ethereum buys is this from the ether.

How do you buy Ethereum?

 What is the Ethereum wallet for Buy Ethereum?

 The first step for Buy Ethereum is to obtain an Ethereum Wallet, which is useful for keeping our ether, there are several types of these wallets, to solve. How to buy Ethereum let's see to start what portfolio options we have to choose.

  • · Ethereum hardware wallets

To store ether in the safest way we have the Hardware wallets, which to be a piece of hardware this is going to connect to the computer, which are the Ethereum private keys stored offline, with this wallet it is possible that There is a combination of security and optimal convenience, Ledger and TREZOR are Ethereum support hardware wallets for use in Buy Ethereum.

  • · Electrum Software Portfolios

The option of the free software wallet, has the logical sense of use, when we do not have enough ether to be stored or we do not have the money to cover a hardware wallet, that is where this wallet is extra, they are certainly free, but security Of these it is not so much, reason that they are constantly connected to the internet, where there is a risk of being pirated, Exodus wallets will be the most ideal for those who are newbies, is for desktop, Edge for mobile and MyEtherWallet for both and so Buy Ethereum.

How do you buy Ethereum by credit card or bank transfer

The ideal way for us to achieve Buy Ethereum (ether), is with the exchanges presented below in this part of the article.

  • · How do you buy Ethereum through Coinmama?

We speak of a worldwide seller of Ethereum, since 2013 it has been working on crytospace, credit card and bank transfers (SEPA and SWIFT). They will be accepted here to make our purchases, where in turn the exchange rates will be fair in a certain way, mostly if we use SEPA transferences, this being an excellent form of Buy Ethereum.

  • · How do you buy Ethereum through eToro?

This will become the simplest option according to our interest at the time of Buy Ethereum, in the case of not wanting to save the real coins or send them, it will be easier and cheaper, here we are allowed by fiat currency USD, EUR, etc. buy or sell Ethereum, without having real access to currencies, with eToro it is also possible not to have to get the Ethereum wallet, this is because it is not possible to send currency out of this platform, price fluctuation can be broad with cryptocurrencies and these are not appropriate for all investors, there is no regulation by the EU, so there are risks to our capital in Buy Ethereum.

  • · How do you buy Ethereum through CEX.io?

 With a credit card CEX.io allows us Buy Ethereum, which of using the brokerage company service, the purchase will be direct with the bag, in the exchange rate the fees will be calculated, which will be reflected that it can be higher compared to other bags, if we use the platform of the site we can access better rates, ideal for those of us who are more advanced users.

  • - Open account
  • - Add our payment method
  •  - go to Buy / Sell and choose Ethereum
  •  - place the amount to Buy
  • - Click on buy Ethereum
  •  · How do you buy Ethereum through Coinbase?

For Buy Ethereum we have the cheapest and most convenient way in Coinbase, that of becoming available in our country of course, according to the payment method we use, coinbase will sell us the Ethereum with a charge of 1.49 percent-3.99 percent, for the Credit cards are higher than for transfers, and the following must be done:

  • - Open account
  • - Add payment method
  • - Go buy / sell and choose the amount of Ethereum
  • - click on buy.

  •  · How do you buy Ethereum through Bitpanda?

Bitpanda's specialty is in the purchase and sale of crypto in the eurozone, we have an interface for Buy Ethereum and other cryptos, the service is very fast, the biggest detail is that there is no transaction listed, so you would touch us make the final calculation of the fee charged next to the price.

How do you buy Ethereum through Withdrawal from the wallet?

When we have the ether purchased, we must ensure that the coins are in our personal wallet, it is not advisable to leave the coins in the bag, because there are risks of hacking become insolvent, which would cause us to lose them, the coins we have to send them to Our Ethereum address, the address consists of a long string of characters and numbers where its beginning is 0x, very similar to this: 0x123f681646d4a755815f9cb19e1acc8565a0c2ac, from the Etherium portfolio it is possible to recover our address.

Frequently asked questions about How to buy Ethereum

· How do you buy Ethereum via PayPal

Buy Ethereum with PayPal is not accepted by most exchanges, due to the buyer's protection it will allow the transaction to be reversed, which would lead to possible fraud, there are ways to buy the Ethereum with PayPal, only you have to pay a price, the option is to make the purchase of Bitcoin with PayPal and then make a change for Ethereum, with Binance which is a crypto currency, it is possible to have to wait a long time, since making the purchase of Bitcoin with PayPal is also not That is something easy to do, each step of the process will mean a fee to pay, this option must be taken into account if there is availability for us to pay up to 15 percent in installments or even more.

LocalEthereum will be another option about Buy Ethereum which allows us the connection between individuals for the purchase and sale of Ethereum, this market has a very high variety and flexibility, so it has its risk as such, the legitimacy of the person with whom Let's work will be very important before we get to perform any operation with it.

  • · How to invest in Ethereum?

There are many options in which we can invest in Ethereum, in several places it will be possible to undermine, trade, buy and maintain or even invest, which if it is important to know that this has many risks which could be present at the time of Buy Ethereum

  • · How is Ethereum sold?

 In all the bags named above we can sell Ethereum, the only one in which it is not in eToro, since it must be exclusively Buy Ethereum on the same platform to then sell it and these options to sell are:

  •  . Bitpanda
  • - Coinbase
  • - Coinmama
  • - Cex.io

How to perform - Ethereum (ETH) vs. Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

The classic Ethereun has its creation due to a disagreement in the way of conducting the negotiation, it is a cryptocurrency, the division was mostly due to the theft of 60 million dollars by a hacker, which led to ETH supporters, they said that the coins that were stolen had to be returned and the condigo should be altered, in the case of the ETC, the position was that what happened and the code is law, the original code is from ETC but its form was forged ETH's own code to create a new Ethereum.

There is then a competition between two equal currencies and which in turn have different exchange rates, being the highest ETH is cost and is known as the original at the time of Buy Ethereum.

 What is extraction when knowing how to buy Ethereum?

 An alternative to Buy Ethereum is mining, if we have a GPU in our machine it is possible to obtain many real rewards, Ethereum mining is similar to that of Bitcoin, in many things, where there is the simple fact of not having to buy in hardware for our participation in this.

 With this technology such as Ethreum, it is possible that the destination is the change of the internet function, with the steps mentioned above, in relation to Buy Ethereum, you have your guaranteed part in those future changes that may occur, the popularity of Ethereum continues to increase in general, gaining momentum in the price, but like everything there is also a risk when it comes to knowing how to buy Ethereum.

 So we finished talking about the Buy Ethereum in this article, which helped us to have the knowledge about How to buy Ethereum and many other things that relate to this topic, we hope it will be useful to all who read this content.

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