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Buy Bitcoin:How to Buy Bitcoin with a bank account

2019-12-18 17:23:34

If you want to Buy Bitcoin you have reached the right place here we explain how to buy Bitcoin with a bank account.

 Knowing how to buy Bitcoin with a bank account is the cheapest method possible when we want to Buy Bitcoin, since it doesn't matter where we are living, this is the best option that can adapt to our needs, depending on the exchange house that suits us .

These are the main exchange houses where we can Buy Bitcoin, and best of all, they adapt to us so we will see in this list what those bags are because it depends on how to buy Bitcoin with a bank account.

  • Coinmama
  • eToro
  • CEX.io
  • Coin base
  • Bitpanda
  • Luno
  • Logbook Stamp
  • Kraken
  • Bitfinex
  • Coin floor

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through Coinmama?

This company, which has been operating since 2013, is an option to Buy Bitcoin and has started accepting payments through SEPA, as this causes the transfers to connect with Coinmama and generate a savings of around 5 percent in the processing fee , in relation to the amounts generated by the use of a credit card, which will generate a good saving, when it comes to knowing how to buy Bitcoin with a bank account.

  • Pros and cons of using Coinmama to Buy Bitcoin.
  • Advantage. Excellent support, the process here is really fast.
  • Disadvantages: there is a limit in the states in the United States.

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through CEX.io?

This company, which was founded in 2013, offers us the opportunity to Buy Bitcoin with a somewhat high but easy-to-use carriage service, although the negotiation service is really economical but somewhat confusing, this company makes transfers through SEPA inside and outside the EU and present 0 percent of the charge for depositing money.

  • Pros and cons of using CEX.io to Buy Bitcoin:

Advantages: it presents several payment options, does not require deposit fees, and presents a wide selection of cryptocurrencies.

  • Disadvantages: high rates in the carriage service.

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through eToro?

This is a platform that offers us the possibility of carrying out investment operations in cryptocurrency and a mobile portfolio to operate and send funds, but not to receive them, this platform accepts Swift transfers in all countries, and if we are only in the United States transfers ACH

It is important to keep in mind that to use this platform you have to think twice, since about 75 percent of investors have lost their money, so seriously consider investing with them.

  • Pros and cons to Buy Bitcoin through eToro.
  • Advantages: low rates, intuitive interface for beginners.
  • Disadvantages: it is good for the speculation of the precise os and is not available in all countries of the world.

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through Coinbase?

This is one of the pioneering platforms of Bitcoin. This company provides carriage services in several countries of the world, in the United States it allows to make a connection between the bank account through ACH bank transfers and if we are in Europe with transfers via SEPA, in Total are 103 countries that support Coinbase and this receives a charge of 1.49 percent in purchases by bank transfer.

  • Pros and cons of buying Bitcoin through Coinbase.
  • Advantages: extremely low rates, fast transfers in the US, and the EU.
  • Disadvantages: it has a fairly slow support and is not available worldwide.

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through Bitpanda?

This company is dedicated to cryptocurrency in the euro zone, and serves as an intermediary for the purchase of Bitcoin, accepting SEPA transfers from the countries of Europe and in the other countries of the world through Swift, if you want to sell Bitcoin you can do it in everything the world, but on the contrary if you want to buy them and if you are required to be in the Euro zone, commissions are charged according to the exchange rate.

  • Pros and cons BY Buying Bitcoin through Bitpanda.
  • Advantages: it offers multiple payment options, presents an intuitive interface, and offers quite low rates.
  • Disadvantages: the rates remain hidden within the exchange rate, and it is not available worldwide.

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through Luno?

This is a platform made for demanding markets, previously known as BitX, this platform has its support in some countries in Europe, Malaysia, Nigeria and South Africa, which offers us rates ranging from 0 to 5 percent, and in the case of trade they range from 0.2 percent and 1 percent. Pros and cons for buying Bitcoin through Luno.

  • Advantages: this is the best alternative that emerging markets can find.
  • Disadvantages: it offers quite limited support to countries.

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through Bitsamp?

This is the oldest platform on this list that we do, it is based in Slovenia and was founded in 2011, charges a commission of 0.05 for the use of services in terms of deposit worldwide, but transfers Know if they are free, on the other hand when we buy in the bag the commission is really somewhat high, since it oscillates around 0.25 percent, and not only that but it is necessary to know trading platforms that are compatible with this site, since It does not offer brokerage.

  • Pros and cons for buying Bitcoin through Bitstamp.
  • Advantages: it offers low cost in terms of deposit and negotiation, it also has a good reputation in relation to currency exchange.
  • Disadvantages: this platform can be quite confusing for beginners, since it does not offer brokerage service.

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through kraken?

This is an exchange platform that is based in San Francisco, maintains its operations throughout the United States, with the exception of New York due to the regulations that this state has, also operates in Canada and the EU, for the latter I deposit them made through SEPA, in the case of SWIFT deposits these are maintained in US dollars, and it is important to inform you that the charges for deposits usually show variation, can reach a maximum of 5 dollars.

  • Pros and cons of buying Bitcoin through Kraken.

Advantages: the costs in deposits and negotiation are low, in addition the currency exchange has a good reputation.

Disadvantages: it is a platform that reports a lot of downtime, to this is added quite limited options for bank transfers and finally the lack of brokerage.

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through Bitfinex?

This platform is in Asia, more specifically in Hong Kong, this is a platform that accepts deposits from around the world and charges a commission of 0.1 percent, this is only a trading platform, the trading commissions depend on the volume starting with 0.2 percent also has no brokerage.

  • Pros and cons of buying Bitcoin through Bitfinex.

Advantages: it is a company of reasonable fees and with high liquidity.

Disadvantages: it has a difficult interface, it does not have brokerage services and it has a history with hacks

How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account through Coinfloor?

This is a stock exchange that was created in 2013, and is supported in her country where she is based and is United Kingdom, the commissions charged by negotiation are around 0.3 percent and the commissions for each deposit several according to the currency.

  • Pros and cons of buying Bitcoin through Coinfloor.

Advantages: It is an established company that has the advantage of being the largest in the GBP market for Bitcoin.

Disadvantages: it is strictly limited only to the United Kingdom.

What are the frequently asked questions about knowing how to Buy Bitcoin?

How do I transfer Bitcoins to my bank account?

The Bitcoins cannot be transferred to the bank account, if we want to collect them we have to change them back to the fiat currency, call us dollars, euros or any other currency, obviously that currency if you can withdraw to the bank account.

Can I buy Bitcoins in a bank?

The answer is no, because this operation is only done on bags that have been destined for Bitcoin.

Why use the bank account instead of the credit card?

First of all, because possibly not everyone has a credit card, so no one will have an excuse for not being able to buy Bitcoin, it also offers us much lower commissions, because when we use transfers we save about 50 percent compared to credit cards. Credit, on the other hand, the purchase limits are usually much higher when we make bank transfers, the only negative effect that is visible here is that they simply tend to take a bit to be processed, since they must be processed by the banks.

Is it highly necessary to have a bank account to buy Bitcoin?

The answer is simply no, because there is a wide variety of options and methods for buying Bitcoins.

 To close, the choice is yours, you decide how to Buy Bitcoin because in another guide we explain everything related to the use of cards now we bring you this guide on How to buy Bitcoin with a bank account, if you want economy go by bank transfers, if you want Quickly use credit cards.

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