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Buy Bitcoin Anonymously: How to buy Bitcoin Without ID

2019-12-17 14:33:38

The purpose of buying bitcoin anonymously is to offer you valuable information about How to buy Bitcoin without an ID.

 Have you ever considered knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID, as many people around the world want to remain anonymous when making the purchase of Bitcoin, since providing photo identification is usually something that I don't like very much, so in this guide To buy bitcoin anonymously we will explain how to do it.

Brief summary about How to buy Bitcoin without ID.

 In buying bitcoin anonymously we can tell you that we can currently use certain methods which can be executed when knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID, as an example of them are Paxful ATMs, since the identification is really very minimal, because It is possible that the true identity as BitQuick is not revealed, because getting out of the network and hiding to buy bitcoin anonymously depends to some extent on VPN providers or getting certain solutions such as Tor and Tails, as well as some coin mixers.

 The price of being anonymous depends on us and the users with whom we carry out transactions, because according to the reputation that Bitcoin possesses this is a rather complicated matter, so for this platform it is not very complicated to reveal and tracked up to reach our Bitcoins

 Then we leave a series of questions that may possibly clear your doubts regarding how to buy Bitcoin without ID, because in a universe so explicit and without much to hide as it is the network has to be somewhat complicated, so pay attention to These details that we reveal here in this article dedicated to buying bitcoin anonymously.

Is Bitcoin really anonymous?

 The answer is simply no, because all the operations we carry out here have to be stored in a public ledger, which is called Blockchain, which contains a quantity of data stored among which is the amount of transactions payments made, but that is not all because the Bitcoin address of the recipient and the sender is also reflected here, so knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID becomes somewhat complex, because despite being a more private platform than that of the Credit cards remain less anonymous than cash.

Is it possible to track Bitcoins?

 The answer to this question is yes, since each transaction uses the Bitcoins of a previous operation, so to execute buying bitcoin anonymously it becomes somewhat complex because each Bitcoin payment generally generates a history which can be seen by anyone, as The identification of the person is associated with the Bitcoin address, so knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID can be complicated, since we are faced with the option that there may be someone who can analyze the blockchain and this way to buy bitcoin anonymously can not be carried out, because it is known published the detail of how many Bitcoins we have and how we spend them, because the addresses are 100 percent traceable, even if we have a predominant.

buy bitcoin anonymously What are the payment methods for How to buy Bitcoin without ID?

 Knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID requires using some payment methods, which are extremely simple processes, as it is important to emphasize that since June 2019, the LocalBitcoins portal has decided to eliminate the option to execute cash transactions in person, It gives more room to our theme today buying bitcoin anonymously.

How to buy Bitcoin without ID through Bisq?

 Bisq is simply a portal that is responsible for storing multiple signatures in their addresses instead of a wallet that can be controlled by this site, as this is just a peer-to-peer open source software, where its sole purpose is based in the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in exchange for national currencies, although it does not contain any fiat currency, because it only works with the transfer of one operated to another, I better of all is that we do not need to register, So it is a good option to use to buy bitcoin anonymously.

How to buy Bitcoin without ID through BitQuick?

  This is a platform that functions as a deposit, because here in buyer and seller reach an agreement as to the amount, then the seller deposits the Bitcoins in BitQuick, once this is done, the buyer deposits the money in the account of the seller and in this way the coins can be released, likewise to carry out this operation of buying bitcoin anonymously we only need a phone number, because the identity verification here is not important, this is a quite positive aspect of BitQuick as it is guarantor of Bitcoin transactions in relation to cash deposits made in hundreds of banks in the United States alone.

How to buy Bitcoin without ID through Bitcoin ATMs?

Bitcoins ATMs is one of the options to carry out buying bitcoin anonymously and for this we will only have to reach the nearest ATM we have, the only bad thing is that they are not scattered all over the world, and that prohibits us little bit.

 To make use of the ATMs we only arrive where it is located and we follow the instructions indicated there, because they are part of the methods that are used to know how to buy Bitcoin without an ID, the first thing we are asked for is the Bitcoin address , at this point it is necessary to specify that we do not have any, there most likely we will generate a new paper wallet, so with this we will be ready to start using it, then you have the possibility to import the key from the wallet of paper and send Bitcoins to wherever we want.

 On the other hand it is good to know that we do not need any type of identification to make use of ATMs to buy bitcoin anonymously, they are only a bit limited in the amount of Bitcoins we can buy.

 It should be noted that the use of ATMs mostly charges a commission, although this rate is kept hidden it ranges between 7 percent and 10 percent, it is a rate that is subject to the exchange rate.

How to buy Bitcoin without ID through prepaid card?

 This is a method with which we can buy bitcoin anonymously, because this is nothing more than a prepaid credit card, and best of all, it can be obtained at a supermarket or convenience store, through it we can opt to Buy Bitcoin without having to provide any type of identification to any of the sellers.

 How to buy Bitcoin without ID through Paxful?

 This is a method that works when buying bitcoin anonymously because it requires an email address because we need an alias when registering on this platform, so when we use cash this usually remains undetectable, this is a platform that can be used for the purchase of Bitcoins through cash, although some of the users of this platform do not like much to negotiate with anonymous users but when talking about cash payments this can change this point of view.

 How to buy Bitcoin without ID through HodlHold?

 HodlHodl is one of the places where we have the possibility to buy bitcoin anonymously, because they work as a P2P which allows us to trade between users, as it provides the opportunity to block user funds in Multisig, as this causes theft of assets are minimized and the negotiation time is really short, this is a site without user funds so it does not contain verification and identification processes but it does have a different aspect and does not accept cash.

 Why is it important to buy bitcoin anonymously?

 The first thing we must keep in mind to remain anonymous is the idea of ​​not being anyone's objective, as this avoids risks that we do not want to run, therefore the reason for knowing how to buy Bitcoin without ID, because it is important to make use of the Cryptography chain, which has the ability to prevent counterfeiting, since most human elements have to be fraudulent and that makes us weaker.

 The objective should be to use some pseudonym, which offers privacy, so most of the Bitcoin wallets tend to transmit the real IP address, this can be associated in a very simple way to your address, even so it is important to have in Note that Bitcoin transactions are generally in the public domain, so it is important to keep in mind that the address may be associated with your identity and it allows us to see 4 data of interest:

  • ü How many Bitcoins did you have previously or do you currently have within that address.
  • ü The exact moment when you received those bitcoins
  • ü On behalf of who has received the bitcoins (unless they use effective privacy methods)
  • ü The address to which the bitcoins have been sent (unless they use effective privacy methods)
It is good to know that Bitcoin wallets have coin control function, which allows payments from UTXO addresses, which is very good, since it has control of the addresses that have been exposed, anyway it is a matter that should handled with caution, since mostly wallets make changes and this makes some addresses within the wallet can be linked, and this if it is a negative aspect, since information about other unknown addresses could be leaked which puts you running on the issue of knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID because you would be vulnerable enough to perform an operation about buying bitcoin anonymously.

  How can I use Bitcoin anonymously?

The first thing that we must keep in mind is that with real identification or not the addresses inside the Bitcoin wallet can be linked, therefore buying bitcoin anonymously, it can be an operation that we have executed when making a purchase of coins in some stock exchange , whether or not you have an identity verification process, because the good thing in this whole matter is that the privacy of our address can be partially or totally recovered, and this opens up horizons for us to know how to buy Bitcoin without an ID.

Can Bitcoin privacy be improved?

Of course, but for this it is ideal not to reuse the addresses that we have previously placed, as this should give you open airs, which means generating different addresses when I made a transaction, just not using a static address, in that sense the best option What we can use are the HD wallets because they have a high virtual number of private key addresses, because they are definitely unlimited and this is what we need and more when we want to know how to buy Bitcoin without ID.

buy bitcoin anonymously Can we improve the privacy of Bitcoin online?

 The improvement of online privacy in a process that we must perform especially if we browse through the network on the same computer or mobile device where we use Bitcoin, for this it is advisable to use the Prism-Break site, as it offers us a great number of operating systems and devices, therefore it is the most suitable to place ad blockers, delete cookies, etc., also encrypt, to ensure online browsing based on making a selection of a privacy software, which we offer security and encryption, as this is ideal for buying bitcoin anonymously.

Why is it important to avoid SPV and hosted wallets to buy bitcoin anonymously?

 It is good to consider these wallets you have to be much more efficient, and they are highly fast in blockchains, which may be feasible to know how to buy Bitcoin without an ID, although the Bitcoin address can be sent to the SPV server, which It represents a disadvantage, because here is exactly the place where they get involved with wallets, because they may have some leaks, which could connect to any SPV server, therefore, Electrum is still the best platform, since it does not connect much Less has bloom filters that are used by wallets that in some could hide addresses in exchange for transactions and these are not directly involved with the wallet and focuses on knowing how to buy Bitcoin without ID.

 One of the operators that is not very feasible to buy bitcoin anonymously is Coinbase, since the portfolios are operated by third parties, and this does not keep anonymity, because they can easily access the service operators, and not only that because they have the ability to access our IP address, it could be a double-edged sword since it can filter information to the police or government agencies.

 In general terms to know how to buy Bitcoin without an ID, it is important to make use of a complete client such as Bitcoin-Qt or Armory, since in terms of security it is the best to store the blockchain locally.

How to manage passwords to buy bitcoin anonymously?

 Passwords that are usually short or memorizable in general terms are extremely weak and this is really serious, so XKCD webcomic has shown us a solution to this problem, since it is likely that an account that is compromised is in the ability to Filter all email passwords and exchange Bitcoin and any other sensitive account, since it is practically impossible to memorize too many keys.

 At this point it is ideal to use the password manager, since it presents a number of random words, which are usually quite strong and therefore there is no need to memorize them, as these are encrypted with the storage program and will be accessible when we enter the unique master password in the administrator which presents an excellent point to know how to buy Bitcoin without ID.

 How can we become anonymous when buying bitcoin anonymously?

 It is good to know how to buy Bitcoin without an ID while maintaining anonymity, because security is a fundamental value that must be executed whenever we are online, so it is necessary to follow these steps:

How to make use of Tor as a disguise of our IP address:

  To be able to use this tool we must enter TorProject.org and install Tor, so that it can be opened as a browser that has its base in firefox and this serves to hide our IP address, so that it can connect to other computers by So any website you access will see the request that comes from a different machine, because it works as a mask, but it is not a privacy solution, but it allows us to know how to buy Bitcoin without ID which allows us to make use of our real name , create an account dedicated to Darknet, which can be used as a Mail2Tor account, meanwhile we find a dilemma and this browser has to disable javaScript, when this happens some sites do not load well, but it is not possible to enable it, since we will lose anonymity and this does not allow us to be able to buy bitcoin anonymously

Run Bitcoin through Tor.

To be able to operate with this site it is necessary to have a wallet, and connect it using the core from version 0.12, to do this it is necessary to follow the instructions in Bitcoin GitHub to the letter, to be able to connect this wallet it is necessary not be connected to the internet, and configure this wallet so that it can run exclusively with Tor, then if we reconnect the internet and in this way it can synchronize the wallet, because using the full wallet we can copy an existing block folder into the data directory “Tor wallet´s to accelerate this process and be able to buy bitcoin anonymously.

 How to buy Bitcoin without an ID using a VPN network?

 Another method that we can use is to make use of the private VPN network, since Tor does not offer us full guarantee, although this is usually something more expensive is important because security is worth it, because the connection here is routed through the VPN servers , because this allows us to falsify certain data such as nationality or IP address and this is feasible when it comes to knowing how to buy Bitcoin without ID, because they offer another advantage and is the protection against proxies, and the most attractive of all is that their services They are unlimited, therefore it is feasible to buy bitcoin anonymously.

 Make use of disk encryption to buy bitcoin anonymously.

 If what we are looking for is knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID, we should not leave remnants of our activities on hard drives or in memories, because the idea is to encrypt so that there is no way to access our confidential information, it is also important make use of software that offers us the possibility of creating multiple backups, it is important not to lose or forget the encryption password, since in doing so you will lose all the data, in addition to a very personal recommendation, making use of Windows BitLocker is a Bad idea as it is an open source.

 Use TAILS Amnesic Incongnito Live Sistems

 This is nothing more than a variant of the Linux operating system which is based on Debian and characterized by leaving no traces, which is spectacular when knowing how to buy Bitcoin without ID, this system has some similarity with Windows in terms of appearance, It also has an encryption feature, which is in a small package which can fit in a portable USB drive, also carries with it KeePassX which acts as a password manager.

 To place this system it is necessary to format the USB memory, from a universal program like Rufus, we must also download the COLAS so it is necessary to have two USB sticks, for this we will have to alter the configuration of the Bios, so that we can boot from TAILS instead of booting from the hard drive, in this way it is possible to buy bitcoin anonymously, so much so that we can do it from a public computer, an example of them is a machine that is in a cyber cafe, and does not leave a single trace .

 TAILS has a virtual keyboard and other text applications that tend to be controlled with the mouse, it is also important to enter passwords that contain screen text registration, because it does not store information on the software we use, this system also allows us to create a Encryption volume, and it is advisable to store the file in this volume, this is presented as an opportunity to know how to buy Bitcoin without ID, because this process is still latent among the most suitable ways to buy bitcoin anonymously.

 How to make Bitcoin anonymous? Guide to buy bitcoin anonymously.

 Bitcoin can be found in a link that can be identified, but that is not a problem, since we only need to break this link in order that our currencies can be anonymous again, this also paves the way for how to buy Bitcoin without ID . .

 What are Bitcoin mixers for?

 The mixers are an essential element in the anonymity of the operations, because when we send the coins to the mixer to anonymize them this is then returned the same amount less a charge to the new address you provide, as this works like a pool of coins, and what More interesting is that it has nothing to do with the original currencies, so buying bitcoin anonymously is done with more interest.

 To know how to buy Bitcoin without ID, being hidden is the best idea, but as for this system of mixers it is necessary to have to trust them, since they do not tend to keep records of the operations carried out with the mixers therefore not There is some way to try it.

Our goal should be to seek privacy about knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID. To do this, it is best to use BitMixer.io: bitmixer2whesjgj.onion or Grams' Helix: grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/helix/. BitMixer, because it makes quick mixes through Helix, and it only takes a few hours just because it pretends as a decentralized mixing method, this is a proposal made by Greg Maxwell called the JoinMarket method only that this method represents a small complication as to send coins through the mixing site, so it is ideal to have enough knowledge, which allows us to return control to the mixing process and considerably reduces the risks and not only that but also the commission for transactions, this gives us It offers many more advantages and is the detail of making money, when we make these mixtures to other people who wish to buy bitcoin anonymously.

 It is also important to keep in mind that knowing how to buy Bitcoin without an ID is a challenge in the world of the network, so it is also good to use the Wasabi wallet, because this is an open source element that allows us to buy bitcoin Anonymously, it is an excellent element of anonymity.

 Why stop mixing Bitcoin addresses is an option when we want to buy bitcoin anonymously?

 If what we want is to know how to buy Bitcoin without ID, it is important to keep in mind that executing mixtures between Bitcoins and altcoins is presented as an element of darkness, because it is a method that does not generate trust, in song to the centralized mixing service , but it is important as to the purpose of Monero, (XMR), to whom we can have it under control.

.It should be noted that knowing how to buy Bitcoin without ID is a job that we can do freely, because for this it is necessary to have all the techniques and tools that are really feasible, because buying bitcoin anonymously presents us as a great challenge and our goal is Make purchases without being tracked by absolutely anyone what a price represents, which is well worth paying.

We can conclude that this guide on how to buy Bitcoin without ID allows us to be able to negotiate operations so that we are compromised n and much less our identity when buying bitcoin anonymously.

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