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Boeing 737 MAX crisis, ten months of crisis

2020-01-13 19:42:47

We have made for you an article related to the Boeing 737 MAX, because it has already been in crisis for ten months and still has a lot to answer

 It's been ten months of crisis for Boeing 737 MAX, so in late December the former executive of General Electric decided to take a decision against Dennis Muilenburg, and ended up removing him from office, because in the opinion of David Calhoun, 62, Muilenburg's performance was catastrophic, because it is considered that after a lot of time, still many questions are to have some answer, so much so that it is not even known when the company returns to provide its services. 

Exactly. What happened to the Boeing 737 MAX?

Actually, this is a super tragedy, because an accident happened in this aircraft that left 157 people dead, on March 10, 2019, in addition to the 189 people who died at the end of October 2018, in a 737 MAX of the Indonesian airline Lion Air, this meant 2 accidents by this model in just 5 months, The second crash of the Ethiopian Airlines, which crashed southeast of Addis Ababa just minutes after takeoff on March 10, 2019, has already brought ten months of crisis, as the MAX has been banned from flying due to this enormous problem.  

Is there a chance that the Boeing 737 MAX will fly again?

  •  It is quite complicated to answer this question, as there are many details, such as
  •  First of all, it carries the weight of many dead people. Therefore it is difficult to know if it will fly again.
  • United Airlines has removed MAX from the flight schedule until at least June.
  • The U.S. Federal Aviation Agency has asked Boeing 737 MAX for a response, as it is good to know that the manufacturer is working on the details, as it is ten months of crisis.  
  • There were hypotheses that it would fly again at the end of February or the beginning of May, but according to Richard Aboulafia it could happen between the end of April and the beginning of May.
  • The FAA crisis placed MAX under the microscope, as it was evident that it had been partially supervised.
  • The investigations carried out by the Indonesian and Ethiopian authorities indicate that it was the anti-stabilization software that presented a failure in the electrical wiring.
  • The regulator detected a problem in the flight systems management microprocessor.
 When Boeing has solved these problems, the FAA could give date to the tests again, because they have already started with a right foot restoring the training of some pilots in a computer simulator, demanded by the European and Canadian regulators, even though these are more expensive the company decided to accept them, because it is already ten months of crisis, and this generates a great weight.

 Do you still produce Boeing 737 MAX?

 Since last January 1st and until further notice, the production of MAX has been stopped, because in the United States there are some of these planes parked, because before the immobilization of these aircraft there were 387 planes, plus the 400 that were manufactured between March and December 2019, forming a total of 787 units, a high number, to remain even in ten months of crisis, after the two huge tragedies.

How is the Boeing 737 MAX doing financially? 

After ten months of crisis, one would say that it could be weakened or broken, but this is not the case, since this is a line that has the capacity to manufacture other apparatus, since it makes some military equipment and even has a presence in space, since, by the end of September 2019 it had a capital of 10 billion dollars and 20 billion in credit lines, according to financial data, at least enough to cancel future expenses and get into debt that according to the Wall Street Journal with the objective of capturing some 5 billion dollars from the financial markets. 

 What is the outlook for Boeing 737 MAX employees?

The positive thing is that the manufacturer, despite having ten months of crisis, has gradually assigned thousands of workers to other programs (767,787,777,777x), seeks to implement tasks for other employees, thus avoiding layoffs being possible solutions in an election year that may produce political protests in the U.S.

  What about Boeing 737 MAX suppliers?

Here the most benefited are the suppliers, because according to the increase of Airbus A320, to increase its production in Mobile Alabama. On the other hand, one of the most complicated ones is the Spirit AeroSystems Group, since it is precisely the one in charge of supplying the airframes and some parts of the MAX, therefore it suffers some serious consequences, implying that it must reduce its workers to 16 percent, involving about 2,800 employees and the figure continues to rise, since the 737 represents 50 percent of the turnover. In contrast, General Electrics and Safran work together through CFM as engine manufacturers for Airbus and do not see the negative impact reflected very seriously.

Has Airbus managed to outperform Boeing?

  The answer is yes, since it has managed to take a step forward in the mid-market. This is due to the launch of the A321XLR, which offers the opportunity to have new long-haul routes, is an easy to fill, more economical model and is therefore much more profitable, since it has orders from United Airlines, with a start of 50 units in December, these are added to the net total of 768 aircraft for 2019, delivered a total of 863, on the other hand Boeing has presented a considerable deficit, it is estimated that by the end of November it had about 84 aircraft, out of a total of 345 delivered, unofficially, since they have not published figures yet. We can therefore conclude that the ten months of crisis may possibly come to an end, as the Boeing 737 MAX could take off again and perhaps this time on the right foot, looking for a way to leave its name in the air despite the tragedies.

 In this way we can conclude that the ten months of crisis could possibly come to an end, as the Boeing 737 MAX could take off again and perhaps this time on the right foot looking for a way to leave its name high despite the tragedies.

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