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BlackRock climate change: 'Climate risk is investment risk'

2020-01-14 16:40:16

At this time it is very fashionable to talk about climate change, because we must be aware of this, we will describe BlackRock details.

What is BlackRock?

BlackRock is simply an investment company in the world, which has raised its main objective the fight against climate change, which implies a fundamentally broad signal in the financial world, positioning itself as a new investment standard or at least these last words Larry Fink has declared them, because in his opinion climate change is usually an invariable issue for clients worldwide.

What can we say about BlackRock and investments in climate change?

It is important to make clear that investments that see climate change can be high-risk investments, as it is necessary to build some portfolios where fossil fuel, or thermal coal is simply not an option. It should be noted that this company owns at least 6.9 trillion dollars, which they plan to be destined to some investors in order to promote significant actions and campaigns worldwide in relation specifically to climate change.

Fink has said that climate change has presented itself as a determining factor in the case of long-term investments, then, even though millions of people have taken to the streets worldwide in order to demand climate change measures , it is highly visible that this has not been reflected, it is possible that this type of comments may have some support and possibly come to a change in this issue, especially now that BlackRock is immersed in this project, because being a strong shareholder that could fight against those who ignore climate change, some things could become a little different and become more human.

What specific opinion does Fink deserve regarding BlackRock and Climate Change?

For Flink, climate change is capable of destroying some traditional investments in terms of value so that it could be placed as remodeled products, giving way to new investments, as it is clear that consciousness is changing and we are on the verge of a fundamental remodeling of Finance

Given this situation, a number of questions have been made, all related to financing, inflation, interest rates, food costs high due to droughts and floods, emerging markets and other details that have an impact on climate change , because his words have been so striking, that they have reached the ears of the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, who has only dedicated himself to making an unsatisfactory comment, since he says that the funds of the pensioners are likely to be affected by fossil fuels, even when they increase high temperatures all over the planet.

For a sample, it is good to say that a large banner is located on the outskirts of the BlackRock offices, due to the protests caused by the recent fires that took place in the Amazon, where people, animals and people were involved. hundreds of hectares of forests, because the lung of the planet was considerably affected. Photo: Steve Taylor / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

What can we say in relation to investments for climate change?

The truth is that this is a topic that still has a lot to comment on, since the exact predictions and much less the effects are still unknown, or as each government or company must make the right decisions regarding climate change, the most suitable According to Fink, companies make greater disclosures about the risks of climate change and the effects on their businesses, because according to the Bank of England around 20th could be at risk for this issue, since investors tend to have much more pressure, That is why they placed BlackRock as the target of the rebellion of the extinction of the protests that took place last year in the city of London England.

We can put an end to this article related to Climate Change, emphasizing that BlackRock is undoubtedly an epicenter for this issue that is extremely complex and sensitive.

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