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Bitcoin Wallets: Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

2019-12-19 18:37:10

Today we arrive with an article where we will talk about the Monedero de Bitcoin, because the idea is to know which is the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS

Due to the comfort that we want to have today it is important to know which is the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS, because there is a large number of people who worldwide use the iPhone or iPad, and want to have their Bitcoins here, so what ideal is to handle the Monedero de Bitcoin from the same device

What is Monedero de Bitcoin

Before describing what Bitcoin Purses are, it is important that you watch the video, well, here it is explained why mobile wallets are the least secure elements when saving our Bitcoin.

  • ü A Bitcoin wallet works exactly like a desktop wallet, only in this case it is in the device connected to the internet, and there is a very important detail, is that these wallets are generally vulnerable to attacks caused on the network.

  • ü Another way in which it is important to know which is the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS, is that we must take precautions, since we can find the possibility that our mobile device can be stolen, or it can break, this would lead us to Some valuable information may be lost, among which is our wealth even if we have equal fingerprint protection, we will continue to be vulnerable.

  • ü It is ideal to create a backup copy where the password is found as a phrase containing between 12 and 24 words, therefore this leads us to configure our wallet, because this will help us if we lose it, this seed phrase as it is called can be written on a sheet of paper, or anywhere as long as it is not connected to the network, but even if you think it is better to save it digitally, then be sure to encrypt it.

What is the best Bitcoin wallet for iOS?

There is the possibility of choosing a Bitcoin Wallet among several that are presented to us and that is why here we are going to give you some details, so your decision is free.

  • ü Open: if what you are looking for is an exchange platform, as this is the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS, because it has two very striking details, on the one hand it can be used as an application for the purchase and exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat, or simply as a wallet to store our Bitcoin, because we have the possibility of storing BTC, BHC and LTC, this is a Bitcoin Wallet that has an iOS store rating of 4.6, this Bitcoin wallet does not serve to save another type of coins, this wallet requires a phone number as well as an email address, so being anonymous is not an alternative here.

Advantages of this portfolio: it has the ability to provide support from BTC, BCH and LTC, as it has the option of financing our wallet with a credit card, it also presents investment in multiple currencies.

Disadvantages: not being able to be anonymous since a phone number is required to use the wallet. It also has a user interface designed for trading platform.

  • ü Green wallet (greenAddress): if what we want is a wallet where there is the possibility of multiple signatures, we find that the green wallet is the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS, because this Monedero de Bitcoin has a timer which allows us to be able to authorize the transactions on our own, this if the company does not respond in time, also presents certain characteristics that make it interesting, because it presents a different approach to the management of private keys, which allows us to protect our funds, because This is a great weight, since this is a portfolio that has recently been acquired by Blockstream, a leading company in Bitcoin technology and blocking chains.

This portfolio presents the integration of the hardware wallet, the creation of wallets and the control of rates, but this is only presented for watches, so watch out for it, it is good to note that this portfolio has a rating of 4.3 in the Apple Store .

Advantages: it presents an excellent rate control and offers us greater security through mutising.

Disadvantages: presents a requirement not very dear, we must have an account.

  • ü Edge: there are those who choose to choose a multi-currency Bitcoin Wallet, which presents us with security, and which incidentally presents us with the list of merchants that accept Bitcoin, also presents partnerships with Bitcoin to accept businesses, as this regularly offers discounts to make use of the application for purchases, that is why we can classify it as the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS the rating of this wallet is 4.4 in the Apple Store.

Advantage. It has multicurrency support, it is a very safe site and has compatibility for beginners.

Disadvantages: we do not observe any so far.

  • ü Coinomi. This is a multi-currency wallet, so we can say that it can be classified as the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS, because it has the capacity to support 125 different assets, it presents good privacy, here there is no KYC bureaucracy to access our funds , this is a portfolio where the only owner of the keys is us, presents the rates of the Bitcoin network in a dynamic and personalized way, we have no follow-up to our transactions therefore it is a phenomenal Bitcoin Wallet, and presents a 4.6 rating in Apple Store.

Advantages: it offers personalized rates and has multi-currency support.

Disadvantages: it has none so far.

  • ü Jaxx Liberty: this is a cryptocurrency exchange portfolio through shapeshift, it offers us the ability to make use of an interface that is easy to use, and has the possibility to pair several devices, it could be said that this is The Best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS, because we are presented with the possibility of not having to have third parties in private keys, which can be stored on our phone, because it is a Bitcoin wallet without custody that presents a rating of 2.7 in the Apple Store.

Advantages: it has support for multiple currencies, it has the ability to exchange cryptography and is easy to use.

Disadvantages: security is very low and has an unstable application.

  • ü Ledger Nano X: this is a wallet dedicated to storing coins, feet is a cold storage platform, this being the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS, as it is a highly secure wallet, since the private key is not found in the mobile device , but in the Nano X, the phone is only usable in the interaction with the Nano X, the rating of this Bitcoin Wallet is 4.1, in the Apple App Store.
Advantages: it has the capacity to support up to 100 different currencies, has a good design and offers security.

Disadvantages It is necessary to take with us the Nano X device and its cost is high.

  • ü RFA: this is a portfolio that covers the basic needs, if this is what we seek for our use, then this is the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS, because we have the option to send and receive, this is an application that counts With the ability to buy BTC & ETH, this Bitcoin Wallet has a rating of 3.6 in the Apple App Store.
Advantages: it has multi-currency support, it is a safe place and it is excellent for beginners.

Disadvantages The features are very basic.

Thus we have reached the end of our article related to the Bitcoin Wallet, because it is necessary to know what is the best Bitcoin Wallet for iOS

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