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Bitcoin Wallet: what is the best desktop wallet  

2019-12-18 16:26:27

One of the advantages of virtual money is reflected in the Bitcoin wallet so we will explain what is the best desktop wallet

 Desktop wallets are programs that store and manage the private key of your Bitcoins on your computer's hard drive. In this post, I will review the most popular desktop wallets for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Knowing what is the best desktop wallet is a challenge because we are presented with multiple options, since these work as storage programs which are responsible for generating private secret keys for the Bitcoins on the hard drive of our computer, so We are going to take a tour of Windows, Linux and Mac systems in order to locate the Bitcoin wallet.

Brief summary about Bitcoin wallet

It tends to be somewhat complex to choose the best desk purse, as we are presented with wallets such as Exodus which is designed primarily for beginners, on the other hand if we want to opt for security the best alternative to without hesitation Armony, meanwhile if What we are looking for is to obtain a verified copy of each transaction, the ideal is Btcoin Core, but we cannot stay there because we are facing another great competitor and it is Electrum, because it can probably be placed as the winner.

A very important aspect that must be rescued is that desk purses are generally much more complicated to steal, on the other hand there are cold and heat storage wallets, those of cold storage are those that are not connected to the internet, for On the contrary, the hot wallets are those that are connected to the network, they are safe but only for small amounts of Bitcoin, anyway if you are new to this, the ideal thing is that you visualize this video, it could serve you something so that you have more knowledge about Bitcoin wallet

ARMORY what is the best desktop purse?

This is a well-known brand that has managed to penetrate people's confidence, because in terms of security we can say that it is the best Bitcoin purse that we can find, it gives us excellent encryption options and especially cold storage, because , this is usually a portfolio to be used by advanced users, it is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows, Ubuntu and RaspberriPi platforms.

ATOMIC WALLET- what is the best desktop wallet?

This is an extremely easy-to-use desktop portfolio, we can make use of atomic swaps to make use of integrated services such as Changelly or Shpeshift in order to perform other operations or in order to make some exchange with other cryptocurrencies, this is in Actually a multi-currency, which offers us the possibility of storing up to 500 different coins and tokens with only one interface, this Bitcoin wallet is available for Mac OS platforms, and Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora.

Bitcoin CORE: what is the best desktop wallet?

This Bitcoin wallet really works as a complete node, since downloading this wallet brings with it a lock chain for the computer, which could become a bit complex since an amount of GB is required therefore it takes some time to download it, this Bitcoin Purse This works like a blockchain, which is responsible for verifying all transactions made on the network, this is rather use for the paranoid although it enters the line of knowing which is the best desktop purse and is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows platforms.

COPAY what is the best desktop purse?

This wallet has been created by BitPay, and works as a multi-purpose wallet, which offers security against theft, this may be the best option if we do not have a hardware wallet, therefore a certain number of people with a firm base are required in the transaction, and we find it available both mobile and desktop, it allows to be an excellent option of Bitcoin wallet and is available for Mac OS, Linux and Windows platforms

ELECTRUM what is the best desktop purse?

The first thing that we must emphasize that this is the most important Bitcoin wallet and perhaps the best we can obtain, is the most robust and secure that exists, it is an open source that offers us the possibility to participate in the review and considerably reduces the malicious code within the software, when the network is crowded we can find that the transaction fees could rise considerably so that you can substitute the rate for some transaction already issued, on the other hand it presents other functions feet, it depends on the adjustment of the rates, and the encryption of the wallet, which makes this focus on our question, which is the best desktop wallet, because it really fits perfectly here, because we could get lost here because even the interface is quite friendly.

Not everything is perfect, since it has certain negative aspects because the interface has a certain resemblance to the version of Windows 90, this Bitcoin desktop is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows platforms.

.EXODUS- what is the best desktop wallet?

The first thing we should know is that this wallet began in July 2016, and continues to grow considerably, it has certain negative aspects because the developers are in the ability to insert some malicious code into our software without us noticing it, therefore the logical thing is Place small amounts in the Bitcoin wallet, as we cannot be exposed to losing funds.

On the other hand, it offers a variety of altcoins among which we can highlight Eathereum, Dash, Litecoin etc., this is an ideal wallet for beginners, and is available for Mac OS, Linux and Windows platforms.

What are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Bitcoin wallet?

  • 1, How can I transfer money from my desktop wallet to my account?

In order to carry out this operation it is necessary to sell the Bitcoins for fiat currencies, that is dollars, euros, etc., and in this way to be able to withdraw them to the account because Bitcoin directly cannot be transferred to a bank account.

  • 2. How to transfer money to my Bitcoin wallet?

To carry out this operation we must open our wallet, then we look for the address Bitcoin this is nothing more than a long string of letters and characters which can start with 1 or 3, then we send Bitcoin to the wallet address, when doing this We will have to wait for only 3 confirmations, this is really not necessary, but it is the most recommended.

  In summary, knowing which is the best desktop wallet is the most favorable option that we can choose and in this way have the option of Bitcoin wallet to save our funds.

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  • Bitcoin Wallet: what is the best desktop wallet  
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