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Bitcoin Trading: how to do Bitcoin Trading platform

2019-12-16 19:14:43

The main topic of this article is Bitcoin Trading and the precise explanation of how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform.

 Our goal is to publicize all the necessary knowledge of Bitcoin Trading, this article will cover the basic terms, to understand this type of market, to instruct us with the steps to follow to enter this world, which will lead us to take into account At the same time as doing the Bitcoin Trading platform, let's get into the extensive conversation of the topic below.


What is Bitcoin Trading?


 It is the task of buying at low cost and selling it at high cost, Bitcoin Trading, this in turn lies in our ability to anticipate price movements, with the study of price charts, for this we must dedicate time, effort and money, to be good in this trade we must go through knowing the terms in which this trade works, it is also good that we have an idea of ​​how to do the Bitcoin Trading platform, material is quite what is in this article so we must not stop of reading this content.


How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?


  •  · How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform? vs Investment


 Before we get to know how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform, it is good to have the knowledge of the performance of Bitcoin Trading, usually people looking at the investment in Bitcoin is to make profits because they think that it is normal for them to increase the value in the market of these, although it goes through ups and downs along the way, the investment will represent credibility and therefore it is a reason for doing so, those who invest believe in the long term and tend to HODL, the latter being a popular phrase in the field Bitcoin, born by a typo.


 Now in the case of Bitcoin Trading, it consists of a formula for buying and selling Bitcoin in the short term, this seeking to obtain better benefits, without studying the technology as such or the ideology of the object that is being commercialized, in a few words the Bitcoin Trading to do both at the same time, there are so many reasons why this route is the most used by people, bitcoin is certainly volatile but the benefits will be good if there is the anticipation of the market correctly, in addition the Bitcoin Trading works 24 hours a day, every day of the week, instead of securities and raw materials, has an established schedule, instead we can buy and sell at any time with bitcoin.


 It is very easy to do the Bitcoin Trading platform, operating is very simple without the tedious processes of identity verification, there is still a lot to know, therefore we must not stop.


How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform? - (Operations)


  •  · Bitcoin Trading - Types of operations


 Merchants use different methods to get what they are looking for, so they have the most popular types of operations that they apply:


  •  · Daily operations how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?


 With this option the short-term benefit is sought, this due to price movements, where multiple operations are carried out throughout the day, those who are here must be attentive to PCs, at the end of the day is when they close All operations


  •  · Scalping how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?


 Taking this strategy to popularity, which consists in obtaining substantial benefits due to small changes in prices, this focuses on a very short-term trade, with this being limited to irrigation, thus creating sales to operators, in the same day it is possible to perform hundreds of transactions.


  •  · Swing trading how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?


 It consists in taking advantage of the price cycles, where these operators, through a specific price movement, enter the operation, once they detect it, to obtain the profits, they wait until the end of this movement, in addition, they do not They carry out constant monitoring, for example they enter a position which can be open for a long time, with the aim of achieving the results they seek.



How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform? - (Analysis methods)


  •  Bitcoin Trading - Fundamental vs. Technical


 It is not possible to predict what can happen with the price of Bitcoin, but there are some patterns, methods and rules, which operators have been able to identify and allow them to have long-term gains, which is to have a positive balance at the end of the day although some stumbles are suffered. To analyze Bitcoins people follow two main methodologies, which are, fundamental analysis and technical analysis.


  •  · Fundamental analysis how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?


 This analysis is responsible for evaluating the Bitcoin Trading industry, news, technical developments, worldwide standards and everything related that may affect Bitcoin Trading in addition, this method considers Bitc value as technology

  • · Technical analysis how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?

 In this analysis option, a study of the market statistics is carried out to try to predict the price, according to the previous prices and the amount of operations, through the identification of patterns and trends in the price, to get to have a prior of what may happen in the future, this will not depend on the facts that can occur in the world today, here it is considered that prices speak and will lead them to predict what can happen next.


 How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform? - (Commercial terms)


  •  · Bitcoin Trading - Understanding the commercial terms


 There are terms that can generate confusion and the statistics with which we are going to find in bitcoin and crypto exchanges, let's see the following:


 Bitcoin Trading vs. Platforms Brokers vs. Marketplaces


 These are online sites where buyers and sellers are automatically paired, that's what the Bitcoin trading platform is about, clarifying that this is different from a Bitcoin broker, the difference is that brokers sell at a higher price on Bitcoin, in addition a platform is different from a market like LocalBitcoins, in which there is direct communication to perform an operation.


  •  · The order book how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?


 In the trading platforms we have the books of the purchase and sales market orders, those of buying are called bids, this is due to the bid for the purchase prices and the sales are called ask, which shows The price of those who sell.

  •  · Bitcoin price how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?

 When talking about the price, this means the last quote on the specific business platform where the operation was carried out, this is because there is no global and unique price for Bitcoin to follow, an example is that it can vary in others countries its price compared to the United States, because the exchanges of these countries have different operations, in the last 24 hours the price is identified with the terms high and low, to refer to the highest and lowest costs in this period of weather.

  •  · Volume how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?

 It is the amount of Bitcoin Trading in a given time, this volume is used by operators to identify the trend, these may be accompanied by large amounts of Bitcoin Trading, to know if it is a minor correction or the beginning of a trend in the opposite direction, more volume when the price goes up and low volumes when the price goes down.

  •  · Market order how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?

 In a Bitcoin Trading platform you can establish this type of orders, at any price they will be fulfilled instantly, setting the amount of Bitcoins that are going to be bought or sold, the order will be executed immediately, then the Bitcoin Trading platform will match To sellers and buyers, in this way the order will be with mutual respect, there is the possibility that the order that is placed will be matched by different people as well.

 An example is to buy 5 bitcoin, so the Bitcoin Trading platform will be automatically to the sellers with the lowest prices, the order will be ready when the 5 bitcoins of the order are ready and this happens when the sellers are covering that amount, everything goes to depend on what is available in the market, so the final purchase can be 3 at a price and the rest to another, in an order of this type the purchase or sale will not be left until it is reached amount that was requested, which can lead us to pay more or sell for less, so you have to be careful.

  •  · Restraining order how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?

With graphics like OHCL, it can be understood that the Bitcoin Trading cannot break with some ups and downs, since an example is if it reaches an amount of $ 20,000 and then that roof lasts for too long, that's where that amount of $ 20,000 would be resistance level, the maximum point with which bitcoin struggles to overcome, this is due to the orders that reach this high price point, which causes it to not be reached by bitcoin


 On the other hand, the support ones will be the reflection of the resistance level, which makes it look like a floor, the price of bitcoin does not seem to decrease when the price decreases, the support level is stable according to the level of cost set by the orders purchase, high demand dampens the downtrend, both levels will be considered strong when they are unable to go above prices.


 Round resistance levels are established, for example 10,000, 15,000, etc. This is because many operators who do not have enough experience execute purchase orders or sales in round points, thus creating strong price barriers, the psychology here collaborates on it, example for 2017 paying $ 1000 for a bitcoin was expensive, for what resistance was then $ 1000, after this was the cost of $ 10,000 created psychologically.


 How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform? - (Common mistakes)


  •  · Bitcoin Trading - Common Errors


 Already being here with the reading of this article you should already have enough knowledge of how to do the Bitcoin Trading platform, but you have to remember that trade has great risks, that mistakes cost money and more here in Bitcoin Trading, it is time for us to see the mistakes more often to be avoided.


  •  · Risking more than you can afford to lose - Bitcoin Trading


 This is one of the worst mistakes, which we must avoid, risk more than we can lose, we must take into account an amount with which we are comfortable, in this case it will be the total loss if we operate above the amount of comfort , we must stop, and this will affect the way we operate and lead us to make bad decisions.


  •  · Not having a plan - Bitcoin Trading


 Not having an action plan is very bad, not being clear on what you are getting into or when leaving a business, this is taking a bad path, we must have planned the objectives to meet the profits and stop-losses that must be decided before entering a Bitcoin Trading operation


  •  · Leave money in a currency exchange - Bitcoin Trading


 For any merchant this will be the most important rule to follow, we should not leave the money in a stock exchange in which we are not currently operating if the money is in the stock market there will be no control over it, if it becomes the exchange pirate, it closes and disconnects, in the end you can lose that money, you must always have what is not necessary in a short term in a stock exchange to operate, therefore you must be sure that it is transferred to your own Bitcoin wallet or bank account.

Yield to fear or greed - Bitcoin Trading

 The actions of many traders are controlled by fear and greed, in the case of fear it can cause the premature closure of a Bitcoin Trading, simply by paying attention to disturbing information, or rumors, etc. and greed has to do with the fear of getting lost, when listening to comments or increasing prices at once, you do not want to lose anything, which will lead us to enter a faster operation or delay the closing of an open one.


 We are almost always governed by our emotions, therefore we must not think that this cannot happen to us, we must be aware of the nature of fear and greed, in addition, to abide by the plan we established for a Bitcoin Trading.

  •  · Don't learn the lesson - Bitcoin Trading

 Whether we are successful or not in how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform, there are always lessons to be learned, nobody manages to make their businesses profitable, nobody can win without losing before, the important thing is sometimes not if you earn money or not, if not Learn to improve later.


 How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform? - (Frequent questions)

  •  · How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform?


 To be able to operate with Bitcoin Trading the following must be done:

  •  - Open account in the Bitcoin exchange
  • - Verify identity
  • - To deposit
  • - Open the position in the stock market: buy or sell in the open


  •  · Is daily trading a good way to earn money?


 The truth is that it is one of the possible methods to choose, the daily trade for many is good to make money, but more than 90 percent leave it after the first 3 months, consistency is the key to success in this, so If you spend time and effort you may become the best operator and more.


 How to make the Bitcoin Trading platform? - (Conclusion)


  •  · Bitcoin Trading - Conclusion


 We have covered so much in the field of Bitcoin Trading, but it is good to say now that many are motivated at the beginning but then resign, despite knowing how to do the Bitcoin Trading platform, soon they leave for the most common reason that they do not succeed to earn money, dedication will be here the main basis of success apart from clear money, it is not only to get into this for making money, we must see beyond and it is not better to leave it.


 It should be noted that there is no quick or easy money here in the Bitcoin Trading, in addition, without risking loss, but if you are really committed you can rely on all the available resources that exist in this regard, to educate us on this issue, There is a possibility that apart from knowing how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform there are more questions but here there is much coverage to learn from this topic.

 In this way we reach the end of this great article, we hope that the details of the Bitcoin Trading are clear and that they also serve the fact of knowing how to make the Bitcoin Trading platform, thanks for the attention to the content presented here.

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