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Bitcoin Trade: How to buy Bitcoin

2019-12-10 09:35:45

Continuing on the wave of Bitcoin we make an article for you with the aim of explaining how to buy Bitcoin.

A very important detail is that we can buy Bitcoin through our bank account, because by navigating in a P2P directory we execute an exchange based on peer_to_peer, since this allows us to be able to search for sellers that have a high Score and therefore this generates excellent comments, which are the central point for the choice about how to buy Bitcoin.

What is the advantage of exchanges to buy Bitcoin?

The advantage of these exchanges is undoubtedly the security, protection and privacy of the funds that we have, but it should be noted, that it is not only that, since here comes the information security and that is the most important thing when carrying Out any type of transaction.

Why use a Bitcoin ATM?

It is good to know that Coin ATM offers us the possibility of getting an ATM that is close to our home, because knowing how to buy Bitcoin becomes simple, which is really favorable, since they work like an ordinary ATM, with The exception that allows us to withdraw and deposit money with the aim of buying and selling Bitcoin.

So, it is important to save our Bitcoin before saving any changes, and then we leave the wallets internationally in the following list.

  • ü International
  • ü Logbook
  • ü Coin base
  • ü Coinmama
  • ü Kraken


  • ü Indonesia
  • ü Indodax


  • ü Gold pieces


  • ü bit bank
  • ü bitFlyer
  • ü BtcBox


  • ü Luno


  • ü Binanza

South Korea

  • ü Bithumb
  • ü Coinone
  • ü Korbit


  • ü Koinim

United Arab Emirates

  • ü BitOasis
  • ü Karsha
  • Africa
  • ü Nigeria
  • ü Luno

South Africa

  • ü Luno


  • ü Binanza


  • ü CoinJar
  • ü CoinSpot
  • ü Coin tree
  • ü Digital overvoltage
  • ü US key
  • ü Independent Reserve

New Zealand

  • ü Independent Reserve
  • ü Kiwi Currency


  • ü Any Direct Currency
  • ü Bitcoin.de
  • ü bitFlyer
  • ü BitPanda
  • ü BL3P
  • ü Kriptomat
  • ü Paymium
  • ü The Rock that negotiates


  • ü BitBay


  • ü kuna

United Kingdom

  • ü Binanza
  • ü Bittylicious
  • ü CoinCorner
  • ü Coin floor

North America

  • ü Canada
  • ü Bitbuy
  • ü Bitcoins Canadian
  • ü Coinberry
  • ü Currencies
  • ü Shakepay


  • ü Bitso
  • ü Volabit


  • ü bitFlyer
  • ü Bittrex
  • ü Gemini
  • ü itBit

South America


  • ü ArgenBTC
  • ü Bitex
  • ü Buenbit
  • ü Gravel
  • ü SatoshiTango


  • ü Brazil Bitcoin
  • ü Foxbit
  • ü Market Bitcoin
  • ü OmniTrade
  • ü Wall time


  • ü Buddha


  • ü Buddha
  • Peru
  • ü Buddha


  • ü Crypto buyer

"In conclusion, knowing how to buy Bitcoin is a favorable element in the world of business and handling large amounts of funds, which is why Bitcoin has permeated perfectly worldwide.

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