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bitcoin price: What happens to the price of Bitcoin?

2019-12-16 18:22:18

This article will mainly talk about bitcoin price and give us the details to know what happens with the price of Bitcoin?

 The bitcoin price in 24 hours, 6 days ago, bitcoin was seen as 10 percent, between November 21 and 22 this fall was recorded, it was the price of this close to 8000 dollars and low to less than 7200 dollars, we have now that by November 25, under $ 6600, after this it could have a recovery stage between November 27 and 28, thus reaching $ 7600, according to these figures from Messari, now our main question is What about the price of Bitcoin? and to understand it is the content of this article.

What about the price of Bitcoin?


 China may possibly be the most prominent reason that influenced the bitcoin price, due to the increase in controls against Cryptocurrencies by turning around the actions of investors, market analysts have it as a factor but it is not the unique, in the case of David Puell, considers that the decline after reaching a maximum of $ 14,000, calls it a kind of correction proportional to the rise starting at $ 3,000, this being the price at the beginning of the year, indicates that what It goes up at once, it will end up correcting itself in the same way.


 The Adaptive Fund analyst responds to What happens to the price of Bitcoin ?, considers that the pressure that exists from the sale of the scheme in China, Ponzi of PlusToken, has made massive settlements of thousands of bitcoin, this is add the funds in ether and other types of Cryptocurrencies, in comparison the analyst Guillermo Escudero, on the bitcoin price this indicates that a surprise is always possible anywhere abruptly, what is in that, is somewhat unstable, at least correct,


 Speaking of the influence of the news and the impact that these could have on the bitcoin price market, Escudero indicates that it is the opposite, rather they are in positive, something that was not expected and that did not affect the price behavior itself as such, precisely this is being referred, taking as an example that the launch of bitcoin futures in Bakkt is expected, which the surprise was the low activity, now, the way in which increase and in different opportunities I surpass historical amounts does not exist even that momentum for the market.

But despite everything there is a recognition of the Chinese market, as a key factor in the impact of bitcoin price, the news that strongly influences the global market, Escudero also alleges that patience is not on the side of the holders, to be in the bearish line, people can act accordingly to some news, no matter if it becomes bad or good, it can be a consequence of people's actions and depending on how the perception of any news may be the answer to what happens with Bitcoin price ?.


 What should we expect in the short term with the bitcoin price?

 Once the price was below $ 7,000, Escudero foresees that there is a correction after this fall, in the environment there is nothing negative that contributes towards a permanent fall in prices, it turns out to be the opposite, positive, certainly the correction can be fleeting, implying that this is not that it implies a turn in the trend, on the other hand the opinion of Puell, is that we are in the process of looking for a floor, at least local, only that this can be even more volatile.


 What is key is that the permanence of this long term is still to be seen, to confirm this permanence, the high prices collated by the market in opinion will be important, even more so for those of long and short perpetual contracts in Bitmex and different platforms, in addition, Pull makes a statement that the high price to be so high, will continue the downward trend, for this reason this can happen globally and so we see an unstable outlook in response to What happens with the price of Bitcoin ?


 What can be expected in the future with the bitcoin price?


 What about the price of Bitcoin? It is the answer that has several different edges which does not have a concrete basis to respond, there are so many theories and opinions based on so many analysts, These consider a possible floor that was around 7000 dollars, the most prominent opinion is that of Willy Woo, which has a path in this regard, in the Cryptocurrency market, this also thinks of a possible range will be between $ 7,000 and $ 14,000, the last figure that did not reach mid-year, in the case of Delphi Digital, speaks of a support of bitcoin price of $ 7400, although it has fallen below this figure, at present it is at $ 7600, it is found in kryptonoticias as a market fact, so are the opinions as to the question that everyone is done and in this article the answers of the experts are.

 This article has come to an end, treating the bitcoin price as a base topic, giving the answers in general about What happens with the price of Bitcoin ?, we hope that our readers are satisfied with this information and leave them some experience.

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