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bitcoin price: Bitcoin will be worth 10,000 dollars according to bloomberg report

2019-12-18 16:09:17

Our article related to the price of bitcoin leads us to make an explanation where we can say that bitcoin will be worth 10,000 dollars

 In a globalized economy like the one we currently have, it is possible to consider all the opinions that they have, so Bloomberg has shown a report that was published where they perform a very interesting analysis about Cryptocurrencies, and presents us with a very striking detail and that is They indicate that bitcoin will be worth 10,000 dollars for a very short time, since this makes the price of bitcoin attractive.

What are Mike McGlone's prospects of making the price of bitcoin?

 First of all it is good to note that Mike McGlone is a Bloomberg Intelligence raw materials expert, he indicates that gold has an upward trend, which represents a broad adoption of digital asset growth and therefore bitcoin, well according to the most recent report he has published, indicates that 2020 could be the golden version of the Cryptocurrencies, because gold is totally related to bitcoin and that makes the two closer than we all think, because with the rise that manifests this precious metal, it is simply clear that by the beginning of 2020 bitcoin will be worth 10,000 dollars, since everything is in expectation, there is talk of a possible recession in the stock market for the next few years and we must be prepared to carry out alternative investments, and not staying in the past.


McGlone's optimism about the price of bitcoin.

 A very striking factor of this expert is the optimism with which he sees the stock market, because for bitcoin it is digital gold, and that by 2020, Cryptocurrencies are emerging as an adoption that is winning the battle in a market where the price increase is something extremely relevant and whose only beneficiary is still bitcoin, I also emphasize that in about 6 months this Cryptocurrency will go through its halving, this makes the number of coins generated by each block as a reward for miners is seen considerably reduced by half, this generates a shock in the daily supply of assets, since the inflation rate of bitcoin will be considerably reduced to the point of reaching half.

This means that at all costs the expectations will not change and the increasing adoption simply presents us with a decreasing offer with halving, in addition to the influence of Tether in the market makes the factors highly positive for digital assets and therefore It opens the way to the possibility that Bitcoin will be worth 10,000 dollars.

In the article published by Bloombers, expert Mike McGlone indicated the following about the price of Bitcoin and is left verbatim, "Like gold, Bitcoin is rebuilding a bear market, while most of its brothers (alt-coins) have growing betas on the negative side.For Bitcoin, we see $ 6,500 as good support and $ 10,000 as initial resistance in 2020. Breaking strength should be a matter of time, especially if gold continues to move forward as expected. Our indicators suggest that maintenance below US $ 6,500 is unlikely, so expectations remain fairly positive in the world of digital assets, which means that at all costs and against all odds, everything points Bitcoin will be worth 10,000 dollars.

 In general terms, it is good to be clear that the price of Bitcoin depends on the boom that gold presents, so it is highly likely that we will start a year with new values ​​because the first one is that Bitcoin will be worth 10,000 dollars by the year 2020.

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