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Bitcoin Price: Bitcoin has tested the average resistance of 100 days

2020-01-13 11:01:36

We bring in this article once again the topic Bitcoin and this time regarding this we will talk about Bitcoin has tested the resistance.

In more than two months it is the first time that Bitcoin has tested the average resistance which is 100 days, being over the obstacles of these at 7945 dollars, this in the daily chart that is made with the bullish indicators in the short term, that there is a higher rupture will be a strong surge with $ 8700, with Bitcoin in the long term the prospects are neutral, due to how it is in the descending weekly charts.

At what time has Bitcoin tested the resistance?

According to the data of Bitstamp, we have that the 100 days in averages Bitcoin has tested the resistance, they place the Bitcoin at 7945 dollars, the Asian negotiation in early hours fuel violated, but despite this the measure was exhausted in the 8000 dollars and at instantly prices fell again for the main obstacle below this

The retail of Bitcoin was at 7870 dollars, which leads to a gain of 14.8 compared to last Friday, where its cost was 6853 dollars, the calculation of the global price is at 7860 dollars, which was calculated by CoinDesk, in the 24-hour period it has to be increased by 4.6 percent, at the end of October it was the last time Bitcoin has tested the resistance, of the 100 days, on that occasion there was a UTC closure above the average line for about 3 days in a row, from 26 to 28.

Many related the comments of the president of China regarding blockchain the strong increase from the minimum that was $ 7400, but all ended by the rejection of above the average of 100 days, in this case was contrary to the fact that Bitcoin has tested the resistance, on that occasion low to $ 6500 in December, therefore the level to be taken into account for the next 24 hours is the 100-day MA at $ 7945 per Bitcoin, strong buyers may appear with a higher UTC closure probably.

What are the expectations starting from this point for Bitcoin?

Sopra resistenza ci sono le probabilità indicate dai quadri tecnici che avranno a convincing movement, lunedì è increased from 5.52 percent, that finisce per confermare the inverse break that presents the graphic giornaliero, that schema è stato the porta che If I learn $ 8,735, being this l'obiettivo secondo le misurazioni con il metodo, i measured ascedenti que que che rafforzano the break, tra 5 e 10 giorni, inoltre, c'è l'indice di 14 giorni di forza relative di 14 giorni che è alle 63.51, dal 27 ottobre è il più alto, carrying the tavolo pregiudizi rialzisti.

Sotto il vecchio supporto transformation in a resistance, ciò potrebbe will cause an indeboliment of the prezzi al rialzo shortly after, at 7586 dollari attuali, ma difficile farlo at the time of the pubblicazione di questo articolo, che il vecchio supporto consente di dettagliare l'esaurimento del venditore, which is a segnalate per 7 giorni fino at 22 December and the Sister Settimana dalla Candela Doji, the main channel of the 6 months is transferred to the upper part, the Rialzista Sarebbe confermata rupture, at $ 8,000 è the resistance of the channel At the moment

What is the finite article, in which parliamo di Bitcoin and in particolare that Bitcoin has proven resistance, is also supported by the supporter of this content.

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