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bitcoin price: Bitcoin could go down to 5000 dollars?

2019-12-16 13:58:34

On this occasion we will deal with Bitcoin Precio as a main topic and address the possible analyzes that can make Bitcoin down to 5000 dollars?

 It was recently published by What Bitcoin Did, in a podcast, in which a possible Bitcoin Precio is indicated in the 5000 dollars, this on the YouTube channel, which was directed by Peter McCormack and the interviewee was Tuur Demeester, the central axis of the discussion was about the current expectations that are generated regarding Bitcoin and what could happen in the future, the current cryptocurrency trade was also one of the highlighted issues, adoption and investments, what remains to be seen is whether it will be possible Bitcoin could go down to 5000 dollars? To learn more, let's continue reading the following text.

Could Bitcoin go down to 5000 dollars?

 The analyst Demeester explained that prices tend to go through several stages of consolidation, at this time the interest of Bitcoin traders, is the association accumulated with the fund, but the opinion of this renowned analyst is that he has not yet reached this stage, so that the fund can be touched, the prices must go through an accumulation stage, that happens at the moment that there are no more sellers driving the price at the low price.

Close to 3000 dollars is the current price, above the last fund, at some point it is possible to reach 5000 dollars, even for a brief moment, what is certain is that you can reach the maximum historical levels, once that reaches the bottom, which will not be in the short term, all this indicated by Demeester.

Is it simple for a takeoff in the Bitcoin price to occur?

  The new investors of this Cryptocurrency arrived between 2018 and 2019, it is certainly possible to think that what of 2017 may happen again in the short term, which made that rally to the cost was $ 14,000, but being suddenly the rise, It was something that could not be maintained in time, Tuur in this regard indicates that the new cycle of ups and downs for Bitcoin will be longer than you think, the current trend is more declining at the moment.

  We conclude with this interesting content, the Bitcoin Precio, which precisely talked about some possibilities that Bitcoin could go down to 5000 dollars ?, we hope that the information meets the necessary objectivity regarding this issue.

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