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Bitcoin Payment: Which companies accept Bitcoin as payment - where to buy

2019-12-16 09:55:24

We have made an article related to Bitcoin, with the aim of letting you know where to buy with Bitcoin.

 The first thing that is important to be clear is that Bitcoin has become the most enormous and well-known virtual currency in recent times, so much so that the largest companies worldwide are accepting this medium as a source of funds, so this is a topic that is causing a lot of rage and that's why today we explain where to buy with Bitcoin.

Which are the largest companies known worldwide that accept Bitcoin?

To know where to buy with Bitcoin it is necessary to be clear about the companies that accept this payment method, and that is why we leave you in this small list of the most popular companies that receive it.

  • ü Expedia.
  • ü Surplus.
  • ü Microsoft.
  •  ü Wikipedia.

What are the main companies that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment?

  • ü Microsoft: this is one of the largest companies that exists and is one of those that are willing to receive these funds, so some of the options where to buy with Bitcoin is this, since it allows you to recharge the account, although in the past I had put aside this cryptocurrency, but after a short time they decided to resume it due to the demand that this payment method has.

  • ü KFC: this is a Canadian company recognized in the world, and who has decided to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for a certain period of time, in exchange for the Bitcoin Bucket, as this payment and process through BitPay, where the cube It should be delivered directly to the customer's address, this is really interesting and it is advantageous to know where to buy with Bitcoin.

  • ü Wikipedia: if we want to make virtual payments Wikipedia is one of the companies where buying with Bitcoin works, because this online encyclopedia accepts donations which are made with the payment via BitPay.

  • ü Metro: at this point the current status is unknown, since these Subway branches receive this means of payment for their sandwiches, as you can see in the video that we leave below.

  • ü CheapAir: this is an American company that has already started using Bitcoin for a few years first through Coinbase, now it receives it with its BTCPayServer payment processor.

  • ü Pirate Bay: this is a software and entertainment media company in terms of digital content, which accepts donations since 2013 of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

  • ü Expedia: if you were wondering where to buy with Bitcoin, then you have arrived at the right place, because in terms of travel, because this global American travel technology company has among its means of payment Bitcoin, with some strict enough restrictions, and your payment is received through Coinbase.

  • ü NuevoEgg: this retail company is one of the first that included Bitcoin as a payment method, this company works with articles related to computer hardware and electronics.

  • ü Mega.nz: another place to buy with bitcoin is Mega.nz, this is a file storage and hosting service, its old platform was Megaupload, which was launched in January 2013 and accepts payments for this vis for updates from account.

  •  ü Surpluses: here we go to Overstock, because this is an American online retail company, where to buy with bitcoin via Coinbase, since it sells items of great value for economic prices, as this happens due to their excess existence.

  •  ü Namecheap: this technology company has made use of the payments accept Bitcoin since 2013, due to a technology audience requested by the same company which functions as one of the main domain registrars.

  •  ü 4Chan: this is one of the most appreciated portals by crypto users, as it is nothing more and nothing less than an imageboard website, where users have the possibility to publish anonymously, placing the most recent messages above of the rest, it is also divided into several plates, with its own content, because where buying with bitcoin is what makes its registration possible, this site accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, as payment for 4Chan pass.

  •  ü Benfica: did you know that one of the places where you can buy the tickets of the matches and the merchandise with bitcoin is nothing more and nothing less than the Benfica site, one of the most popular soccer teams in Portugal.

  •  ü Playboy: to access the exclusive content for adults Playboy TV have officially launched a payment method for which cryptocurrencies are used, so entertainment is also viable using where to buy with bitcoin.

  •  ü Galactic Virgin:

 This is a company that allows you to pay for special trips with Bitcoin, as it is nothing less than the company of Richard Branson, where Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airline are included.


  •  ü Amazon (not directly): this is the largest retail company at the moment which does not accept payments via Bitcoin directly, because to pay with this means of payment we must use Purse.io when buying anything, because This site connects us to those of us who want to buy on Amazon and have Bitcoin, because it acts as an intermediary, because it makes connections between people who have Bitcoin and want to buy on Amazon with people who want Bitcoin in exchange for fulfilling a certain order

  •  ü AT

It is good to keep in mind that not only the big companies offer us the possibility of executing payments with Bitcoin, because the small and medium companies (SMEs), also allow us to be able to make use of it, that is why here we leave a list with the Stores where buying with bitcoin is an option.

  •  ü Alza - The largest Czech online retailer
  • ü Amagi Metals - Precious Metal Furnace
  • ü BigFishGames.com - Games for PC, Mac and Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows)
  • ü Bitcoincoffee.com - Buy your favorite coffee online
  • ü Bitcoin.travel - a travel site that offers accommodation, apartments, attractions, etc.
  • ü Badoo - Online dating network
  • ü CEX - The trade-in chain has a store in Glasgow, Scotland, which accepts bitcoin
  • ü Crowdtilt.com - The fastest and easiest way to raise funds with family and friends
  • ü Curryupnow.com - A total of 12 restaurants on the list of restaurants accept bitcoins in San Francisco
  • ü Coupa Café in Palo Alto
  • ü Dish Network - An American direct satellite transmission service provider
  • ü Dream Lover - Online Relationship Service
  • ü That's my face - create action figures
  • ü EZTV - TV program provider of Torrents
  • ü Etsy Vendors - 93 of them
  • ü Euro Pacific - An important precious metal trader
  • ü Famsa - Mexico's largest retailer
  • ü Fancy.com - Discover amazing things, collect the things you like, buy them all in one place.
  • ü Fight for the Future - Leading the search for organizations for Internet freedom
  • ü Foodler - North American restaurant delivery company
  • ü Grass Hill Alpacas - A local farm in Haydenville, MA
  • ü Gap, GameStop and JC Penney - have to use eGifter.com
  • ü Green Man Gaming - Distributor of popular digital games
  • ü Grooveshark - Online music streaming service based in the United States
  • ü Helen's Pizza - Jersey City, N.J., you can get a slice of pizza for bitcoin.
  • ü Humblebundle.com - Indie game site
  • ü taxes and finances.
  • ü i-Pmart (ipmart.com.my) - A Malaysian retailer of online mobile phones and electronic parts
  • ü Intuit - an American software company that develops software for the preparation of ShopJoy - An Australian online retailer that sells novelties and unique gifts
  • ü Jeffersons Store - A street clothing store in Bergenfield, N.J.
  • ü SFU Library - Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada
  • ü Lumfile - Free cloud base file server - pay for premium services
  • ü Lumfile - Server company offering free cloud-based servers
  • ü Lv.net - High Speed ​​Internet Services in Las Vegas
  • ü MIT Coop Store - Student Library of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • ü MovieTickets.com - Exchange / Remarketing of movie tickets online
  • ü Museum of the Coastal Bend - 2200 East Red River Street, Victoria, Texas 77901, USA
  • ü mspinc.com - Supply shop for respiratory medical equipment
  • ü Naughty America - Adult entertainment provider
  • ü NCR Silver - Point of sale systems
  • ü One Shot Hotels - Spanish hotel chain
  • ü Old Fitzroy - A pub in Sydney, Australia
  • ü Republican State Party - First Republican State Party to accept bitcoin donations
  • ü Pembury Tavern - A pub in London, England
  • ü PizzaForCoins.com - Domino's Pizza signed up - pay for your pizza with bitcons ü PSP Mollie - Dutch Payment Service
  • ü PureVPN - VPN provider
  • ü Rakuten - A Japanese e-commerce giant
  • ü RE / MAX London - United Kingdom-based franchise of the global real estate network ü Save the Children - Global charity
  • ü Seoclerks.com - Get SEO work done on your cheap site

  • ü Suntimes.com - Chicago-based online newspaper
  • ü Straub Auto Repairs - 477 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 - (914) 478-1177
  • ü SimplePay - Nigeria's most popular web-based and mobile wallet service
  • ü Shopify.com - An online store that allows anyone to sell their products
  • ü Stripe - Payment company based in San Francisco
  • ü The Pink Cow - A restaurant in Tokyo, Japan
  • ü San José Earthquakes - San José California Professional Soccer Team (MLS)
  • ü The Libertarian Party - Political Party of the United States
  • ü T-Mobile Poland - T-Mobile's Poland-based mobile phone top-up company
  • ü University of the Americas Puebla de México - One of the main universities in Mexico
  • ü A class limousine - Pick it up and drop it off at Newark Airport (N.J.)
  • ü WebJet - Online travel agency
  • ü Yacht-base.com - Croatian yacht rental company
  • ü Zynga - Mobile games
  • What are the most frequently asked questions about where to buy with bitcoin?
  • Does Amazon accept Bitcoin?

The answer is simply no, we cannot cancel with this means of payment directly, `for this it is necessary to use Purse.io, as an intermediary.

 ü Does Starbucks accept Bitcoin?

The answer is simply a resounding no.

 ü Do hotels accept Bitcoin payments?

Normally almost no hotel accepts payments by this method, although there are some exceptions, because it would be ideal to use Expedia, who does accept it.

 Does Microsoft continue to accept Bitcoin?

Indeed it is so, only it is necessary to read the fine print that indicates that you agree with the terms, so this is a company where buying with Bitcoin is excellent.

 Can Bitcoin be converted to cash?


 Of course, Bitcoin bags or simply the Bitcoin ATM are used for this.

 Does eBay accept Bitcoin?

No, this platform does not accept it as a payment method.

 ü What can I buy with Bitcoin?

Currently with this payment method we can buy practically everything a bit, because that is the advantage of knowing where to buy with Bitcoin, because they have debit cards which are issued by the Visa or Master Card consortiums, and can be recharged with the funds Bitcoin


 ü Does Expedia still accept Bitcoin?

 Of course, yes, only there are some restrictions which must be taken into account, but this is really minimal.

 In general terms, knowing where to buy with bitcoin is really excellent, since the most recognized and popular companies worldwide accept this means of payment. In the meantime if you have knowledge of companies that use Bitcoin and do not appear here, write it down in the comments.

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