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Bitcoin limit 21 million: why Bitcoin has limit 21 million?

2019-12-18 21:33:09

In the next article called Bitcoin limitado a 21 millones Repetitions we will give you details of why Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million.

 Given the question of why Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million, some indicate it as limited, but if we go to it, we can describe that there are other elements that are usually more limiting, an example of them is gold, a metal that ex extremely few, in this case the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto has also made it clear as to a limit, although fiat money should not have them, Bitcoin reflects that, because if we go to fiat currencies it is a considerable sum, even So it turns out those who are expecting Bitcoin limited to 21 million and because it could not be more, or perhaps less, so in this article we will round up those questions that go through the head of more than one and seem not to have a positive answer .

Why does Bitcoin have a limit of 21 million?

 This is somewhat striking, because you could describe that Bitcoin limitado a 21 millones in everyday life there are so many activities that run and do not match the real value, an example of them is at least x sportsman, since he earns a considerable sum of money, but because not a farmer can earn the same, this is punctuated in monetary activities, because money is placed above the importance of such activity, although it would be normal for the value to be born from the need.

 In this sense, most things are determined by their value, but not by their importance, because there are elements that are worth too much money and in reality they are absolutely useless, but everything is based on a formula where the responsibility of everything It focuses on a small organization, it may be even incoherent, but it is nature, so Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million, which represents something in a little counterproductive, but that also is related to the fiat monetary system and therefore we involved in the core issue Bitcoin limited to 21 million

Why does Bitcoin have a limit of 21 million?

 We will explain a fairly simple example, which seems trivial but it is not if we compare it to our Bitcoin topic limited to 21 million, we will assume that we have performed an activity and are too thirsty, we drink a glass of water whose value is gold, it feels good covers our need, but if we go for a second glass it will not feel so pleasant, but you could enjoy something, and if we go to a third glass, it will most likely be unpleasant, and if we continue that march Well, we would simply be paying attention to our kidneys due to abuse and therefore this could lead to death, so here the value of things is reflected, which leads us to think that the right amount should be used no more or less , also happens in this environment and therefore the detail arises that Bitcoin limitado a 21 millones

On the other hand, there are other elements that are well worth mentioning, since inflation is one of the fundamental elements that the creator of Bitcoin has taken into account, which turns out to be a negative factor in the economy, and in some cases this inflation it occurs, due to excess liquidity, and that is where we fall into this dilemma of why Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million, because another example that we can bring here is the issue of gold, this precise metal that is sought by many but It is so scarce and therefore its value is high, if only function is aesthetic, but it is a very important fact that beautiful things are not necessarily valuable, because at the end of everything it covers a point of styling, but not the rest of the task of everyday life.

 Why is Bitcoin limitado a 21 millones?

 In the midst of so much controversy, and example what is true is that Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million and that theoretically represents scarcity, because Bitcoin's monetary policy requires work, so the way to obtain a Bitcoin is simply by doing use of certain relevant details and they are having time, electricity, work and most important specialized equipment, in that sense there are those who give the name of mining to this type of activity and although for some it does not sound consistent, because in reality it is Thus, since the value of Bitcoin is clearly linked to the value of gold and this does not represent a fundamental aspect, it is merely a technical aspect that should focus on recognizing the value of things, and therefore the limitation.

 The explanations about Bitcoin limited to 21 million are practically purely technical, since its creator really does not explain it, therefore this type of matter lends itself to speculation, because that is where floating arithmetic comes in, which leads us to do that everything is a little simpler and more efficient, because there is a mathematical explanation that leads us to this result because Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million.

 How to get the calculation of Bitcoin limitado a 21 millones?

 We will need the following data:
  • ü 6 blocks per hour.
  • ü The day has 24 hours.
  • ü The year has 365 days.
  • ü Finally, 4-year cycles are calculated.

 This data leads us to this operation 50 25.5 12.5 6.25 3.125 ..., whose result is Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million, this calculation may not convince many but it is the closest it is and although it seems a somewhat strange explanation, we It makes it very clear that the code is designed for exactly the sum of 21 million, the math is simple but accurate and this is the result generated by the calculations.

It is possible that these explanations about Bitcoin limitado a 21 millones are not pleasing to some, because not everyone sees it from the same point of view, everyone has their own criteria, and this is simple calculations, since the creator of Bitcoin does not specify Never the limits that could have been, or perhaps at first, it was not thought that it could present so much boom, everything is merely speculation, and this is a topic that lends itself to the debate, because the fact that Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million , scares some.

There is something that would really be good and that this currency really served in the functional economy, because money as a unit of account has manageable numbers, for example a cup of tea has a value1, 2, 3 units, but if we go to these systems the value could be 345.698.564 million units or 0.000023545, which leaves us with an accounting nightmare, and again our question arises as to why Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million, because in the real economy we do not visualize so many tangles, we just leave to simple numbers what gives us more usefulness and this is an issue that is above this issue related to Bitcoin limitado a 21 millones.

 At this point it is good to bring here an explanation that was seen in an email from Satoshi where Hearn has explained that the creator of Bitcoin, at some point he intended to align it to real money, maybe not to the price of coins, but moderately within a range which was acceptable, although it clarifies that it is complex to predict due to the Bitcoin community which is large, hence the equation is probably useful to reach Bitcoin limitado a 21 millones because, although Bitcoin is practically a small niche, it will probably cost less for the existing currencies, in the message it continues saying that if we take a portion of Bitcoin from world trade it could see much more, one way or another it makes clear that it is highly complicated to predict this so it has left the midpoint where Bitcoin It has a limit of 21 million.

 To say that Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million is really to hit a magic number, but we are going to marry a minimum calculation, for this we use the price today where a dollar has a value of 0.0001 BTC, this leads us to a operation that implies that in 10 or 20 years a Sathosi costs much more than a dollar, which represents a fairly complex accounting level, and therefore all the results of the mathematical operations we perform on this end up leading us to the same Bitcoin answer Limited to 21 million, but I keep saying it's pure speculation.

 We can conclude by commenting that Bitcoin limited to 21 million is only a calculation, since for sure there is no result that gives us an answer, so we fall into the detail that Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million.

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