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Bitcoin: IBM Blockchain promotes the "virtuous cycle" for sustainable coffee

2020-01-10 18:00:22

The new IBM App will be available soon and our article today is about the influence she has on BM Blockchain

The applications present diverse functions at present, because in the case of the IBM App it allows us to be able to generate sustainability, since it has among its functions and perhaps the main one associated with coffee tracking, which represents a very interesting event in the supply chain making that can fit perfectly and in joint venture with BM Blockchain ..

What is the purpose of the IBM App?

Every application has an objective, that is, it serves exactly for something, and obviously this is not far behind, because, it is built with a traceability platform that provides collaboration called Farm Connect, this same platform works in conjunction with BM Blockchain, that is, these two Platforms always work together, making everything flow much more regularly, since the app will be aimed at making consumers be able to make a continuous morning follow-up from the store where said product is grown, more precise coffee.

The IBM App has not yet been launched, as it is expected that it may run at some point during this year, at least that is what they indicated when they made the respective presentation at the Eectronic Show consumer that took place in the city of Las Vegas.

IBM App support

This application, even though it has not been launched, already has considerable support from many related organizations and has said products, since among them the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers can be highlighted, being an association that brings together many coffee growers throughout the country, in addition to 10 leading organizations in the coffee industry, the Beyers Koffie is an organization that supports this application, because as we all know with the rise of technology, every minimum consumer product can be directly or indirectly involved, making it possible to even manage BM Blockchain here.

What are the expectations of the IBM App?

As it is an application dedicated to coffee interested parties as such, it has the capacity to provide support to the entities involved, where the promotion of this beverage has an extremely important value worldwide, as performance, promotion and activity have a fundamental role, since everyone is clearly involved in the consumption blocks, making support for coffee growers grow and why not with the help of BM Blockchain, according to David Behrends president of Farm Connect “the goal is to humanize the relationship of each coffee drinker with their daily cup. ”

Coffee itself can be said to have a moderately long and complex process, but at the same time attractive, since its cultivation, collection, roasted and packed, this is a fairly long topic that to date most consumers do not have not even the remote idea of ​​where exactly it comes from

What can we say about Thank My Farmer?

First of all this is an initiative that makes use of BM Blockchain, and allows that each coffee supply can become as excellent as possible, an example of this is Starbucks who said that last May he would use the Microsoft Azure blocks, where The supply chain was visible, so that it was accessible to only one place and that consumers can use the QR code found on the side of the coffee container, in order to observe and know about the origins of said product , but not only does it work here between BM Blockchain with the aim of receiving additional payments for coffee growers.

With this IBM App we can demonstrate the comfort of blockchain technology, because through it we achieve the transformation of people so that transparency and efficiency can be part of the agenda for vending companies and provide more confidence to the consumer, since it is planned that initially for the United States and Europe, but obviously we all know that this will not be there since it can be spread by other countries where coffee is grown.

We can end this BM Blockchain article and everything that implies the technological incorporation with the arrival of the IBM App.

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