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Bitcoin, Gold or Dollar: perfect competition

2019-12-18 13:56:11

Our topic to be discussed in this article is Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar and we will have the answers of a perfect competition.

 The central axis of this article is centered on the Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, for the dollar, it is responsible for the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, being the monetary reserve of the world, the bad economy can be said to start from This point, which is sure for many that this hegemony must end and enter into something new, some speak of gold and others of bitcoin, so this triangle forms a perfect competition of a current hegemony and perhaps two grabbing forces, to that we have more information let's move on.


What are the types of money that exist?


 We have 3 different types of money, which are merchandise, representative and fiduciary, examples of merchandise money, we find gold, silver, tobacco and cereals, in the real world they have great value, used as barter due to portable, durable, divisible and fungible, but we must highlight the existence of renewable and non-renewable goods, metals are durable, limited supply and are non-renewable, for that reason there are considerations to be better form of money, for many centuries its usefulness as money worked, we know the beginning of a perfect competition between Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar


 In the case of representative money itself does not have a value as such, since the Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar have a representation for the location of some money somewhere. At the time when gold was used as money, there were reasons for it to be deposited in vaults of the blacksmiths of gold, and then in the banks, to represent those deposits certificates were used on the gold that was deposited, which represents a Perfect competition between Bitcopin, Gold or Dollar, in addition these certificates in the exchanges were used as a form of payment, these papers represented security in this regard and portable and divisible.


What do we call fiat money?

 In the fiduciary, the third type of money, has similarity to representative money, does not have certificates, has no intrinsic use value, people and their decision give the monetary value to Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar for having them, if the trust is what It gives the value, at present it is the most common and of different types, the dollar, the euro, the yuan and the yen are fiat money that is part of the perfect competition, a sub category, in if these are generally of governments, are imposed by a decree, prior to 1971, representative money was the dollar, when gold was abandoned as a standard, this ceased to be fiat, which one of its characteristics is the amount of printable volume at will and this gives step Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar is the perfect competition so that the world market takes an extraordinary turn.


 Today there are those who link the word fiat with fiduciary as if they were synonyms, which is totally wrong, because fiat money is fiduciary, but fiat money is not fiat, and in turn these have subcategories, well, this occurs when the communities usually throw their own coins, the same thing usually happens with the Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, so a company can consider a gift card as fiat money but not as Fiat, despite being an accounting unit that has a coin value, this gives step that perfect competition can take place.


 It is good to emphasize the private initiative called hours in Itaca, New York, where we are presented with an initiative about a local currency, it can be accepted voluntarily by a certain community, this leads us to reflect Bitcoin as a non-state fiat currency, with a very different affinity and is that it is a non-renewable currency, which brings us to our central theme about Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, because these three have become pillars that can carry out perfect competition, and this is due to the limited that They find these supplies, as they take us to a finite number, which `can be counted and this makes a difference.


 Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar are really relatively scarce accounting units, and therefore they take a step to be the perfect competition, since they have the possibility of being counted, this has to be revealed after the crisis of 2008, only with the boom with the one that is presented to us by Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, we can think that these crises are only a thing of the past, because the economic crises have their epicenter to the Federal Reserve of the United States, since it is evident that they have been in charge of printing money coast with the sole purpose of being the perfect competition worldwide.

throughout history it is important to keep in mind that the real economy tends to be based on goods and services, for which Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar is not necessarily the best alternative, therefore they are the best competition worldwide in another area of ​​the The global economy, since it has already been evidenced by precious metals such as gold, has not functioned as an engine in the economy, although these three accounting units have relations, since inflation remains at a fairly high rate, which makes people lose purchasing power, which gives a huge place to unemployment and low production, which leads to a huge separation between money and production, thus allowing Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar to take control and make of the economies a balance which represents certain systems which are somewhat flexible where discipline and prudence are fundamental factors, because of them the perfect competition Ta in the world economy.


 It is important to be clear that there are those who do not accept the idea of ​​sharing some arguments, because there are those who depend on illusions that obviously will not want to be destroyed, but in one way or another it is important to be clear that this is not all bad , since the Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar have been penetrating in a very interesting way in the world economy, because with this we give way to what represents in itself a perfect competition, because, although money is not the solution to all the inconveniences, since Although in the last decade they have dedicated themselves to the printing of money, which leads us to an inflation level that can reach zero and an extremely low unemployment rate, here the point is how to achieve this is a world economy that It is somewhat biased.


 Why does the US dollar recover so much importance?


 The US dollar is really the world currency, therefore most transactions tend to be made with this currency, but it is immersed in the other accounting units such as Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, as they have gradually been entering the world market, we talk about this currency, the US dollar because for anyone it is a secret that it is the most important accounting unit, and despite the inflation that can cause, with the federal reserve printing this money next e, although this usually sounds a bit Strange it is important to be clear that the balance of trade of the United States that is inclined in a negative way, because this makes the perfect competition between Bitcoin, Gold or Dollar can be somewhat fourth, since it is a country where it imports much more than what it usually exports, in general terms it produces much less than what it consumes and this is something that has been given in a continuous way, because it represents Note the perfect competition as a spear point only in your favor.


 most of the US money is outside its territory, besides being a country that is clearly dedicated to exporting its inflation, is where the Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar finally enters, as technology companies enter as angels, giving way to perfect competition , since the assets would be measurable units in machines whose only object is that of factory cash, which is mostly outside, this serves as a bridge when the large countries that are being added as emerging economies can leave Go ahead, as countries like the Asian giant China are at the forefront, because they are an economy that produces a lot at low costs, and most of these products go to the US, and they only send the other countries as payment for some papers They have been made by the federal reserve.


 It is also good to make the oil market clear, since OPEC plays a very interesting role in all this, as member countries generally agree on a quota, but it is almost never met, since the interests of the United States enter here, and today much more, because there is the possibility of producing much more, because as we can observe in this changing world, technology and globalization are deflationary elements that are gradually absorbing us, which is gradually giving space to Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, and this it slowly leads us to a black hole, where the only thing that has visibility is the money without backing, therefore the perfect competition is giving a little in this world that presents technological modifications.


 we must be clear that in this globalized world one of the most obvious problems is inequality because we are in a system that does not have a balance, so perfect competition has to be more reflected throughout the crisis and today It is reflected in the Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, because in these cases the money benefits certain monopolies, governments and financial institutions, who

there is something that is really true, money is mostly controlled by the so-called mafias, since these are operators that are responsible for accumulating money `product of crisis and in times of prosperity, because they have no mercy, they tend to save Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, and the worst of the matter and that this is every at all levels, there is no need to reach political, social, technological or much less economic changes, because passing this type of operators goes well the phrase Bitcoin would solve this, and Well they apply it as the perfect competition in their environment.


 It is important to keep in mind that bitcoin is favorable, but it does not mean that it is the maximum, because the goal of most humans is simply to seek control, an independence, but always in the long term, so Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar, seem to be good options, because there are those who comment that bitcoin great series to function as a universal currency, because you could be a possible solution to the world economy scenario, because it would complement the perfect competition, making trust fall back on the global economic field and with that, much more is given along the complexities that Bitcoin, Gold and Dollar offers us as quite positive units of measure, giving perfect competition to the perfect competition.

 In this way we reach the end, we talk about Bitcoin, Oro o Dolar and the perfect competition that they represent worldwide, we hope it is of understanding and is very useful for our readers.

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