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Bitcoin Exchange: How to choose the best Bitcoin exchange.

2019-12-17 13:51:48

We bring to you an article of Bitcoin Exchange with the aim of explaining the details that we must have to make the best Bitcoin Exchange.

 Virtually no one is exempt from performing the best Bitcoin Exchange, because the stock exchanges move through them, and although it is a bit annoying operation, it is important to do it because this brings some benefit that is really worth it for the Bitcoin Exchange.

 To run Bitcoin Exchange it is good to keep in mind that there are certain factors to consider because the best Bitcoin Exchange is given to be clear about currency changes, platforms to use, users and acceptable payment methods, charges, limitations, etc., What represents a detail group to consider before executing the best Bitcoin Exchange, that is why we will detail this information below.


How can I convert Bitcoins to real or fiat money?

 This is done through a Bitcoin Exchange, as it is an operation that must be done on a platform that helps facilitate this type of trade, for this we must move from fiat to Bitcoin or Bitcoin to fiat, Bitcoin bags are responsible for making these operations so that you can get the best Bitcoin Exchange in a simple way and you can receive in return your USD, EUR or the currency you require.

What is the best Bitcoin Exchange?

 In order to run a Bitcoin Exchange it is important to be clear that not all Bitcoin bags are the same, since each one presents its different way of working, so we will leave you a description of what they are and how they work.


 They are platforms that allow us to simplify the purchase process, so it makes our operation much easier, and allows us to buy coins through them with a predetermined price, the main brokers or the best known are CoinMama, Coinbase, the only moderately negative aspect is that they are expensive, but it represents a site where we can perform the best Bitcoin Exchange.


 Trading Platforms:

 These are some sites that execute connections directly between sellers and buyers, tend to be cheaper at the time of a Bitcoin Exchange, are platforms that charge very small fees, and have variety, as some are often confusing or have limited orders, which represents a negative factor, and in some cases it is possible that there is some delay when an order is placed, CEX.io, Binance are some of them.

 On the other hand it is good to keep in mind that CFD platforms are outlined as interesting, as they offer us a facility to use, but with an effect that is not very pleasant for some, since it is like making a set-up, since there is no possibility of being able to withdraw the coins that have been bought with the wallet, it only works as a purchase contract but with fiat money either dollars, euros or any currency, this does not please us when making a Bitcoin Exchange, it is possible that we are up to in risk of losing our money, because we will only be betting the price of Bitcoin but not getting it in my opinion here you cannot make the best Bitcoin Exchange.


 P2P Platforms (Peer to Peer)

 This could be a viable option when choosing the best Bitcoin Exchange, as they are easy platforms that connect sellers with buyers, also offers no alternatives in terms of payment methods, countries that support them, and is ideal for those who wish make operations anonymously, among these platforms we can highlight LocalBitcoins, Paxfull, sites to make Bitcoin Exchange.

What are the best brokers to perform a Bitcoin Exchange?

  • - Bitpanda: this is a company also dedicated to the Bitcoin Exchange, it offers us the opportunity to buy Bitcoin with credit card and bank transfers, type Neteller, SEPA, Skrill, this is a company that has been in Austria since it was founded in October 2014 and it might not be the place for the best Bitcoin Exchange if we are outside Europe, as it is limited to the euro zone countries.
  •  - CEX.io: this broker offers a borkerage service, and has a commercial platform that serves several cryptocurrencies, it is a company that has been in operation since its creation in 2013, also accepts credit cards for purchases at through the brokerage service.
  • - Coinbase: this is one of the best brokers to make the best Bitcoin Exchange, it gives us an trading platform for the brokerage service called Coinbase Pro, the rates are extremely low, it is the most famous company in the United States, it only has one negative aspect is that it is very limited, since it is only available in just 33 countries of the world.
  • - Coinmama: this is a broker that offers us the possibility to buy and sell Bitcoins, through the use of credit cards or SEPA transfers, it is one of the oldest Bitcoin brokers and is available almost everywhere in the world.


What are the best platforms to make the best Bitcoin Exchange?

  •  - Binanza: this is a fairly complete platform, we can change from crypto to crypto through it, which ends up being a much easier and cheaper way, it is a fairly competitive trading platform in the market, by grant side accepts users of Everyone, allows the purchase of coins by credit card, is a good option to make a Bitcoin Exchange.
  • - Bitmex: this is a limiting company, because it does not allow to buy and sell the currencies only the cryptocurrency contracts, only works with deposits and withdrawals Bitcoin, this is a platform for experienced users.
  • - Bitstamp: this platform has managed to stay in time without being hacked or closed, has a non-intuitive interface, and lacks convenient payment methods, this company has been operating since 2011.
  • - Coinbase Pro: this is the Coinbase brokerage service, for this we can use the same data to enter the account, the funds can be transferred to both platforms, it has the capacity to support BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and ZRX, the only negative is the limitation to 33 countries nothing more.
  • - Luno: this is a platform that can be the best Bitcoin Exchange in terms of emerging markets, as it offers its services to countries such as Malaysia, Nigeria Indonesia, so it can be the most suitable in terms of developments when executing a Bitcoin Exchange .


What are the best P2P platforms for the Bitcoin Exchange?

  •  - localBitcoins: this is undoubtedly the best platform where we can make the best Bitcoin Exchange, as it is a space that brings together buyers and sellers, accepts payments through various methods including Paypal, transfers from Webmoney, Wester Union and cash, the Funds go directly to a local Bitcoin portfolio and charge a commission for the sale of 1 percent.
  • - Paxfull: this platform is also emerging as a place where we can make the best Bitcoin Exchange, since it offers us the possibility of executing the purchase of Bitcoins through any payment method, it is an intuitive platform, we should only be alert with the scams, because the ideal is to get a favorable exchange rate, when we are going to carry out some Bitcoin Exchange.

What are the conditions to make the best Bitcoin Exchange?

 Before carrying out any Bitcoin Exchange it is important to take into account the terms and conditions, so we will explain what are the most relevant.

  •  - Purchase limits: the purchase limit is placed by you, only in some cases there are bags that are limited and this means that the best Bitcoin Exchange cannot be given, so the ideal is to find out before carrying out a transaction
  • - Accepted payment methods: not all platforms accept all types of payment methods, as some are more varied than others, some only receive electronic transfers, bank transfers for example cannot be reversed and are the most economical methods, on the other hand Those who receive payments with credit cards and PayPal tend to have high rates, because they allow to ensure the operation performed, and the money can be returned.
  • - Supported currencies: before carrying out an operation it is important to take into account the exchange with which you want to make the best Bitcoin Exchange if it accepts any type of currency that you own, as some offer the possibility of receiving currencies such as BTC / USD, when we face it means that we can buy and sell Bitcoins for US dollars.
  • - Supported countries: before performing any Bitcoin Exchange it is good to take into account in which countries this type of operations is available.
  • - Exchange reputation: for this it is good to be alert and learn about the knowledge about the Bitcoin Exchange, because there are those who complain about this type of operations, because obviously this will not be out of criticism, so the ideal is value content That could be real those criticisms.


Tariffs; The rates are divided into three phases, each has a different cost and they are:


  •  - Deposit charges.
  •  - Transaction charges.
  •  - Withdrawal charges.


  •  - Exchange rate: it is important to keep in mind that some exchanges have extremely low commissions but the high exchange rate compared to the competition, this is mostly presented in the brokers, which will be the best option to choose the best Bitcoin Exchange .

 It is important to be clear that these exchanges are currently subject to many state regulations, therefore some request real identification data, because obviously they must take care of their backs, because it does not work as something personal, only details that are within the framework of the legality.

 In summary, making the best Bitcoin Exchange only depends on the ability to make the best choice in terms of brokers and platforms which lead us to buy and sell in a world where the Bitcoin Exchange is a novel method.

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