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Bitcoin debit card: How to buy them with your debit card

2019-12-17 12:49:13

The purpose of our next Bitcoin debit card article is to explain how to buy them with your debit card

  This is the easiest and most economical option we can have when buying Bitcoins, due to the variety of services they offer, as they present us with a mobile wallet, through which we can buy Bitcoins, but we cannot remove them from it way, because the withdrawal is made in other currencies, it can be dollars, euros, etc., so if our goal is to buy them to execute an investment with Bitcoins it is absolved it is not the best option to obtain a Bitcoin debit card .

Buy Bitcoin with your debit card through eToro?

  • Advantages: it has great support and is suitable for beginners.
  • Disadvantages: we do not own our currencies, there are many limited countries available.

How to buy Bitcoin with your debit card through CEX.io?

This is a company that offers its services in the purchase of Bitcoins for us, only that it presents a very high rate, if we are not familiar with the exchanges this is our option, we will only have to deposit money through our debit card, to Buy Bitcoin on the trading platform, with the convenience that it is given at a lower rate because it is in the same company.

CEX.io has advantages and disadvantages for making use of Bitcoin debit card.

  • Advantages: high purchase limits, this is a reputable company.
  • Disadvantages: it has limited countries available, and the exchange rate is really high.

To buy Bitcoins through this platform it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • Go to CEX.io and register.
  • Go to "finance" - "deposit", here it is important to select our own currency.
  • Use the debit card to deposit funds from our account.
  • If we want to make use of the carriage service we must go to “buy / sell” only that it is expensive.
  • If we want to make use of the complex but economical service we will have to go to “trade” there we choose BTC / USD or the currency we want.

How to buy Bitcoin with your debit card through Coinbase?

The purchase of coins through the Bitcon debit card has a charge of 3.99 percent, as this is a cost that the government charges, as it aims to prove our identity before we can buy coins, Coinbase is highly known as a Broker of Bitcoin, which presents the option of being able to use the debit or credit card in the bag.

Coinbase also has advantages and disadvantages and these are:

  • Advantages: really low rates, it presents an extremely easy to use interface, and above all it maintains an excellent reputation.
  • Disadvantages: technical support takes a while to respond and is not available worldwide.

These are the steps to follow to buy Bitcoin through Coinbase.

  • Create a Coinbase account.
  • Go to “settings” --- “payment methods”, then click on “add payment method”
  • Then we add the debit card.
  • Confirm your debit card.
  • Finally move to "buy / sell" there you have to select the amount of Bitcoins you want to buy.

How to buy Bitcoin with your debit card through Bitpanda?

This is a company that only allows eurozone residents to purchase Bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies through some payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, SEPA, among others, and has a daily limit of 2500 euros, which represents around 75,000 euros per month, to make purchases with the credit card, in the case of other options it offers 10,000 euros per day as a limit that is 300,000 euros per month.

This platform also has advantages and disadvantages and they are:

  • Advantages: intuitive interface, many payment options, and really very low rates.
  • Disadvantages: unfortunately, to make use of the Bitcoin debit card we must only be residents of the Eurozone.

To buy Bitcoins through Bitpanda it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Bitpanda page and register.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency we want to buy, in this case Bitcoin.
  • Choose the payment provider “Visa or Master Card”
  • Enter the amount we want to buy.
  • We click on the next step and confirm our order.

How to buy Bitcoin with your debit card through Bitstamp ?

This is another platform where we can buy bitcoins with debit card, because this is a site that is a service provider and sells directly so buy them with the Bitcoin debit card is ideal, is a bag that is licensed for this work since 2011, to place our order is recommended to use 3D Secure, although certain banks take into consideration the deposit of the credit card as a cash advance, but could incur additional costs.

This platform also has advantages and disadvantages and these are.

  • Advantages. It is one of the oldest operators which has great reputation.
  • Disadvantages: the verification process tends to take a while, is really not very easy to use, and is limited to the United States and the European Union.

To buy through Bitstamp you need to follow these steps

  • Visit Bitstamp and register.
  • I have "deposit"
  • Choosing credit card as payment option also works debit card.
  • Deposit the funds on the debit card
  • Then go to "Buy Sell" there select buy BTC.
  • Enter the amount you wish to buy or click on buy BTC

Is it safe to buy Bitcoins using the debit card?

This is a question that most of us ask ourselves, because our interests must be assured, the answer is if as long as we use a trusted exchange to perform this operation, and not keep the Bitcoins in the bag when you have bought them, ideally move them to the portfolio of Bitcoin, the serious negative that with the use of the debit card, you can carry some costs.

 In short, how to buy them with your debit card is interesting, since it allows us to be in the wave of virtual money and make use of the Bitcoin debit card.

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