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bitcoin cash: Do you want know how buy bitcoin with cash?

2019-12-16 11:42:07

The specific content of this article is about Bitcoin Cash and in turn the precise explanation of how to buy Bitcoin with cash.

 There is the possibility that you can buy Bitcoin with cash, this can bring many advantages that would allow us to get more out of the Bitcoin Cash, to have the guidelines to follow, we have prepared a content, which will be responsible for giving all those necessary responses to Have the necessary knowledge of the subject.

What are the options to buy Bitcoin with cash?


  •  - Through Paxful you can buy an individual
  • - At a Bitcoin ATM
  • - When depositing a bank in cash
  • - Through cash mail.

What are the advantages of buying Bitcoin with cash?


 There are many advantages by which to buy Bitcoin with cash, to get into the details that we will have and take advantage of the Bitcoin Cash issue.

  •  · Privacy to buy Bitcoin with cash

 When buying Bitcoin with cash, it differs from the usual way in which a verification and long steps in relation to identity are not required, this represents greater security, because of the constant identity theft that exists today, in addition, they are also avoided those measures of the tax authorities, there is the option of using Bitcoin Cash in this way

  •  · Speed ​​to buy Bitcoin with cash

 When buying Bitcoin with cash it will be very advantageous, since you do not have to wait for the arrival of bank transfers, or the verification made by the stock market, a deposit can last from 1 to 3 business days, the verification between 1 at 3 weeks, the time saved at Bitcoin Cash with cash is valuable, when the price of Bitcoin Cash skyrockets, it is possible that this time was transformed into a gain of money.


Buy Bitcoin with cash through Peer Trading

 For obvious reasons, the largest transactions occur outside the stock market according to experts, it is good because the business can only be carried out if the state approves it, leading to this being more than a fiat currency, that is, to get experience is good buy Bitcoin with cash, this if the local government will find Bitcoin, this would be a plan b.

 Peer trading had its best employment at the end of 2017, this was due to China's ban on Bitcoin exchanges, so I seize strength Bitcoin Cash, despite this the Bitcoin OTC business continued, There is a graph that teaches these values ​​in China for 2 popular service options, which trade between pairs is facilitated, the volume of LocalBitcoins in China increased following the ban to 7 times, that of Paxful was equal reaching 6 times more .


How to buy Bitcoin with cash in Persona?

  •  ·         In person

 Through a friend who has Bitcoins and who wants to sell will make the process of Bitcoin Cash easier, to have these trusted friends, it is good to attend places where they hold Bitcoin meetings or conferences in our area, we can know If we check on Facebook or Meetup in the local Bitcoin groups, it is now possible to hold a meeting near a cashier to make a transaction, but you must bring your phone or laptop with the Bitcoin wallet installed, for verification of the receipt of the coins, with The address will not be enough.

 Certainly LocalBitcoins in the past was a fixed in-person trade, but the company removed the local cash ads, after this Paxful became the next best service, which represents the 2 options in person for the trade.

  • · Paxful buyer / seller match

 Since 2015 Paxful is in operation, which has expanded to provide its service in many countries and regions, reliability has earned it and they have become a site for the OTC trade of great popularity to do Bitcoin Cash operations .

 To buy Bitcon with cash at Paxful we must do the following:


  •  - Register on the site
  • - In the top menu click on Buy Bitcoin
  • - we place our location, the requested amount and choose the option that allows us to buy Bitcoin with cash
  • - Here you see a list of sellers if there are none we wait or follow a different method, this list presents the points of each seller and its exchange rate
  • - Select a seller of positive and considerable reputation
  • - choose the amount we want and this should be within our limits
  • - Through messages we organize the operation


 It is Paxful's trust for the delivery of the coins, it is not necessary to wait for confirmations once the coins are already released.

  •  · Local mycelium merchant

 We have that the Mycelium mobile wallet allows the function of local trader, this allows us to buy Bitcon with cash and custody for bitcoin operators, depending on the area we will be able to get more or less sellers on this site if we compare it with Paxful, after the payment our coins will be released to our micelio wallet.


 What it means in this movement that Mycelium provides the custody service and guarantees that the seller actually has the bitcoin that he offered, despite this, there is no real possession of the seller's coins, as if it happened with Paxful, instead, from the seller's wallet the coins are released to ours, in addition, Myceliun has the blockchain monitoring through an algorithm, which verifies that the transaction is of correct confirmation, but in large quantities it is better to have the real confirmations of Bitcoin Cash.

  •  · The security of Bitcoin Cash.

 Enabling escrow is the best recommendation, which will tell us that custody is trustworthy for the seller's bitcoin, in safe places to make Bnitcoin Cash transactions, bank lobbies are a safe option, that of the stations of Police and the courts will make us feel safe.

 A place of access controls will be the viable option, if we deal with a seller for the first time and more if it is large quantities, metal detectors, security cameras and guards, simply common sense for our security, since there are reports of fraud and assaults.

 How to buy Bitcoin with cash at an ATM?

 We can make a Bitcoin Cash transaction because Bitcoin ATMs accept cash, so they send Bitcoin to our bitcoin address, they operate 24 hours a day and every day of the week, despite being so popular they do not exist in Many regions, with the CoinATMRadar we can see which will be the closest BTM, we will have the exact location by clicking on this, the rates, limits and asking for identification, there are also the contact details of the operator, these details must be Write them down in case there is a problem with the Bitcoin Cash.

 It is important to carry the Bitcoin wallet or address and you have to be attentive to the environment around us to take care of the characters that are lurking.

How to buy Bitcoin with cash when depositing in the bank?

 The cash deposit is among the payment options of Bitcoin Cash in LocalBitcoins like Paxful, in the US there are 2 additional services to these that ensure you buy Bitcoin with cash when depositing and these are: BitQuick and Liberty X but require smartphones and also Wall of Coins does the same in many countries, the USA, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, the Philippines and Romania.

 The seller with this method what he does is provide us with your bank details and go to the bank that corresponds to deposit is what we will do according to the bank specified by the seller and so we end up making the corresponding deposit.

 We can say that this method is safer and more reliable at the time of a Bitcoin Cash, than to meet a stranger, and also the seller does not know which bank will be used, the disadvantage is in banking hours and they are slower than being in person operations , more if we find queues at the bank or if the verification system is slow, in the same way as in person, we must look for a deposit service that has a good reputation, in order to avoid fraud.

 It is possible to have a proof of payment by means of a photo or scan of the receipt of our deposit that we make, this will be a proof in case of litigation, which will allow us to receive our coins, therefore it is good to keep the receipt, since It is more difficult to prove that the payment was made if we do not have it.

 How to buy Bitcoin with cash by mail?

 In Paxful there is this service, in which it looks for the sellers that accept to be able to buy Bitcoin with cash by mail, in the black networks it is also possible that these sellers exist, the ideal is always to deal with already established users, who have a good reputation , to avoid fraud and much more.

 This method in itself is not highly recommended, since it presents many risks and inconveniences, the slowness and the risk of theft or lost of our package along the way, wrapping money will be an option so that it is not known that we carry our package alone If it opens, it is true that there are vendors who make compensation if our package does not arrive, it is good for this to have the evidence of the package sent, with video or photos.

 The security in this case you can use a certified mail and have the seller sign once you receive the package, it will be proof of payment via escrow, but the cash in the package can go into dispute, say that this method can only be use in case you do not have access to other options, since the rest is considered the least reliable.

 How to get money for Bitcoin Cash?

 To sell Bitcoin Cash are the following methods that will help us to do so:

  •  - BitQuick
  • - Local mycelium merchant
  • - Certain BTM also distribute cash for Bitcoin
  • - Wall of coins
  • - Paxful

 For the operations of Bitcoin Cash, the ATM will be the best of all the cutlery, for security and reliability, certainly buying Bitcoin with cash is fast and anonymous compared to conventional methods, but the risk is greater than doing the online methods As a credit card and bank transfers, if you do not want to use cash as an option for Bitcoin Cash, the online options will make our transactions safer even though they take longer and that is why buying Bitcoin with cash has become an important aspect for Most people in the world.

 In this way we end with the explanation of this article, they talk about Bitcoin Cash and what we should do to buy Bitcoin with cash, it was done in order to provide an orientation in this regard and we hope it will be very useful for the readers of this article.

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