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Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the best option? Tensions between the USA and Iran revive the debate

2020-01-10 17:59:45

Our central theme of this article is Bitcoin and we will have the answers that help us understand if Bitcoin is the best option.

The questions raised in recent days regarding Bitcoin come from the murder that happened recently against the Iranian general, in the United States, the debate began whether Bitcoin is the best option as a safe asset, of the same magnitude at the time of the gold and more in times of economic upheaval and geopolitics, more details we will see in the following content.

Why is it possible that Bitcoin is the best option?

On Monday the cost of Bitcoin reached 7500 dollars, which represents a 10 percent increase, this due to the death of Qassem Soleimani, by drones, which had the authorization of President Donald Trump, this can generate a conflict of great magnitude between both nations, with prolonged time and a preliminary ruling on a world scale, analysts and investors note the recovery of this Cryptocurrency, which is covered by this asset against inflation, due to the consequences generated by wars, the Oil rises in price for the same and more reason if one of the largest producers in the world is included, which will have more consequences.

The war events are capable of generating inflation, as seen in the past, commented by Greg Cipolaro, co-founder of Digital Asset Research, which has analyzed the crypto markets, being the most violent acts can be that Bitcoin is the best Option for refuge before inflationary growth, which means greater demand for Bitcoin, can be an asset because it can be used as a refuge, which usually occurs when traders are afraid of increasing risk, also when stock markets are convulsing and there is Where the assets come in.

Is there such a force in Bitcoin as an asset?

The opinions of investors is that despite being a Cryptocurrency it does not have the brightness that gold can have, more if we talk about the trajectory being a reserve of value, what is shared is the complication of its extraction, in the case Bitcoin is regulated in 11 years by its original programming, which if many who defend and consider Bitcoin the best option, indicate that private data addresses or keys, which are of great need to use the Cryptocurrency would be more portable in terms of gold bars and more in such a big world and that wars have devastated worldwide.

The debate is on the table for merchants who feel their commitment, but the question has no answer yet and it is not known if it will be at any time, it is really being treated with a safe asset is the question, the founder from Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, who is a specialist in the case, sent a graph to clients showing the correlation that exists between bitcoin and gold, which is penetrating many investors against constant inflation movements , which recently went from the negative to the positive.

Greenspan expressed that this correlation is apparently weak, in an exchange with CoinDesk in terms of monitoring, the data that CoinMetrics has, has the data in a year period between the gold and this Cryptocurrency, at the moment they are 0.15, in Change in May 2018 went to.-0.04.

With this we finish the explanation focused on Bitcoin, where we present the details that can solve the doubts of the market such as if Bitcoin is the best option, our intention is to provide support and be understood by our readers, so we expect that this content

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