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Bitcoin account: How to protect my privacy in bitcoin?

2019-12-10 17:30:16

In this article we will cover the topic Bitcoin and what we should know about protecting our privacy at Bitcoin.

Bitcoin may be a kind of network to make anonymous payments, although this becomes possible to be the most transparent in the world, in addition, if we use it the right way we have a high level of privacy, as everything depends on us and the measures we use to be protected, to know more we will talk specifically about the protection of our privacy in Bitcoin.

How can I protect my privacy in Bitcoin (traceability of Bitcoin)?

The transparency of Bitcoin is of a level that nobody imagined, the operations are public, traceable, and in the network Bitcoin are stored permanently, the addresses is the only way to know where they are and where the Bitcoins have been sent, our purse is the one that is in charge of creating privately our addresses, only that when used they are marked, due to the transactions that are made with this, it is possible for anyone to have access to the balance and operations of the address that is, which is because we must reveal our identity to make some type of transaction, the addresses can not be anonymous, which leads us to be attentive always and using only once the addresses.

How can I protect my privacy at Bitcoin (Use new addresses to receive payments)?

If we use a new address for each payment we are going to receive, we can protect our privacy, purses can be used in many ways, what we will achieve with this is to isolate all the operations that we perform without these are associated with each other, when they send us money will not have access to the other addresses we have, is something very important to do.

How can I protect my privacy in Bitcoin (Take care of ourselves in public spaces)?

It is not recommended that we leave our addresses publicly in places, social networks or websites, if we want privacy, if we do this, we must keep in mind that these addresses will be marked, which will be public domain transactions and operations that we can perform, so the Bitcoin should always be used with caution.

How do I protect my privacy at Bitcoin (IP address can be logged)?

It is possible that IP addresses can be registered, when observing the retransmission of transactions, this because Bitcoin is a peer-to.peer network or network between peers, this gives rise to complete node clients who transmit some operations as if they were theirs, which represents a problem to find the origin of a transaction, to confuse the node Bitcoin with the origin, what we must do to avoid this is to hide our IP address so that it is not registered, we can do it with the Tor tool.

How do I protect my privacy in Bitcoin (Limitations on Combination of Services)?

With independent Bitcoin addresses it is possible that some mixed online services combine the tranzabilidad between users, which receive and send the same amount, it is important that we have knowledge of the legality of this type of services, according to the territory can several rules, for these will be vital that there is trust between the parties and without keeping records of requests, for large transactions will not be the best option for how complicated it will become.

How do I protect my privacy in Bitcoin (Future Enhancements)?

The security must present many improvements, which are expected by many of us, is already working on avoiding when making a payment that the addresses are contaminated, with Bitcoin Core it will be possible that the change of addresses can be used in other purses, for the easy use of us users, the improvements of graphical interfaces will be of great help, there is also that through a union of users can make a transaction together.

We close the Bitcon issue, concluding that it is important to know the measures that will help us protect our privacy in Bitcoin, so this content covered many things in this regard, we hope it will be useful for those who read this content.  

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