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bitcoin account Guide: All you need to Know about Bitcoin - Beginner guide

2019-12-10 15:28:50

This time we will have a Beginner's Guide to know everything you need from a Cuenta Bitcoin.

For those who just enter the world of Bitcoin, we must know many things about it, one of that is that we will have several options to make the exchange of money, different from how it is done in the banks, so it is good that we pay attention To this article, here we will have a Beginner's Guide that will help us to know more than Cuenta Bitcoin, so go ahead with the reading.

Beginner's Guide (Protect your wallet) of Cuenta Bitcoin

It is important to protect our wallet, as in real life, with this it is possible to make money transfers to any place, having the handling of our money easily, certainly all this presents some risks, but Bitcoin has high standards of security, if we use it correctly, of course, if we want to protect our money, it will depend on us, apply the measures for it.

Beginner's guide (Bitcoin price is volatile) of Cuenta Bitcoin

In a short moment of time the price of bitcoin can rise or fall, this is due a lot to the young economy that it represents, so saving will not be ideal, it is considered a type of asset with many high risks, it means that no We can store money if there is the possibility of losing, so if we receive payments with bitcoin we can convert it to the local currency instantly with the providers of these services.

Beginner's Guide (Bitcoin payments are not reversible) of Cuenta Bitcoin

The only way to reverse a transaction is for the person who received the payment to return it, otherwise it cannot be done in any way, so at the time of a business it is important that we have the knowledge of who we are dealing with, it is possible that bitcoin detects typographical errors that avoid sending money, it is certain that over time the consumer protection will be of better quality and safety.

Beginner's guide (Bitcoin is not anonymous) of Cuenta Bitcoin

It is important that our privacy is protected, with bitcoin this takes effort, so we must know that the transactions will be publicly stored and on the network will be permanently, allowing anyone access to these details of operations, which if it will be protected at all times it is our identity that we possess, unless other events may occur for this to happen, this merits the use of addresses being used only once, the rest will depend on our duty to preserve our privacy.

Beginner's guide (Instant transactions are less secure) of Cuenta Bitcoin

The transactions with bitcoin are usually in a few seconds, but in the next 10 minutes they can be more secure, before this time it is possible to reverse it, so you have to take care of users who can seek to make us fraud, there is the possibility of that the system helps us to detect unsafe transactions, for this we have to pay a fee, in the amounts that are greater than 1000 dollars, we must have 6 confirmations, the important thing about this is that each confirmation will help to reduce the risk of that the operation be reversed.

Beginner's guide (Bitcoin is still experimental) of Cuenta Bitcoin

We can certainly say that bitcoin is still an experimental currency, which continues to develop, as the use of it increases, it is clear that little by little it ceases to be experimental, we must know that bitcoin is giving new invention options that never they had been treated, only that the future of this is not predictable.

Beginner's Guide (Taxes and regulations) of Cuenta Bitcoin

It is important to know that bitcoin is not an official currency, which will lead us to pay income, payrolls and taxes on the profits we obtain in many places and in this bitcoin is included, the rest is our responsibility, ensuring the application of taxes dependent on the government or municipality.

In this way we end with this Beginner's Guide which I try Cuenta Bitcoin, we hope that the readers find this content very useful.

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