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Artificial Intelligence AI: A new obstacle to landing a job after college

2020-01-16 18:36:40

The basis of this article is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the new obstacle to getting a job.

 In the past, it was common for schools to prepare students so that they could have a proper job interview, helping them to know the right way to dress or to have an outstanding letter of introduction, the new reality is in the AI, Where these are interviewed and if they are not prepared they will have a new obstacle to get a job, in the university of Duke, Purdue and the one of North Carolina in Charlotte, they are investigating which companies can use the Artificial Intelligence IA, also is spoken about it with the students of what they will be able to realize for with the algorithms to win.

 As more companies are interested in filling the internships and entry-level positions it is possible to have a new obstacle to get a job, where the amount of applicants is in excess, in direction to external companies like HireVue for this way many interviews are made by video, with this it is possible that specific questions can be made by the companies, in occasion they are recorded by a contract manager, using this way the candidates the technologies according as they are them a portable or intelligent telephone, these videos are analyzed by algorithms, where the words, grammar, expressions and the tone of voice of the candidate. In order to determine the attributes that govern this person, which will be defining in terms of the possibility of election of the candidate to have the skills required by the team to join

 Much has been said about the capabilities of AI, about the future with this replacing human jobs, but becoming the new obstacle to get a job, with HireVue there may be a different concern, as it is possible that this AI is able to act as a watchdog today of the jobs, certainly there is no proper preparation for companies to hire the algorithms, as for the internships and the initial positions this may be that for some of the students today are the guinea pigs for the evaluations with unproven mechanisms employed in these candidates, the new obstacle to get a job, is the use of technology for the regulation paths of industries standards, with a law enacted Illinois made those changes, what is not known is when the interviewee is being analyzed by the AI, of such magnitude is the new obstacle to get a job for those graduate students.    

 The interviews have come to such a point to be like in the old west, said by Matthew French who is director of employers and their relations in the career center at UNC Charlotte, in HireVue we have that Sarah Ali has done 8 interviews, with different companies looking for a job and internships in the technology and commerce fields, only the first one was able to help her to have a marketing internship, employment could not be achieved through these, she is not sure what role did the AI play in the process, if any, she thought about it after sharing it with her friends.

 Although in the first interview she managed to get the internship, Ali said that if that new obstacle to get a job as the AI was used against her, she would have done things in different ways, since the use of words and phrases that she could have used would have been captured by the camera and technology, knowing about this method look for how to optimize the gestures and qualities said Ali.

Why is Artificial Intelligence (AI) used in interviews?

In these moments for many this is a new obstacle to get a job, the way in which the interviews are used, the most known company of the video interviews is HireVue perhaps, it has as clients to almost 800 companies, among these this CNN that does not use its functions of Artificial Intelligence IA, this is in charge of in a period every 90 days to carry out 1 million interviews, This according to the CEO of HireVue Kevin Parker, this year there is the possibility that that million is of university students, according to Parker expressed in CNN Business, this method of interviewing began to be started from 2014 according to Parker, where companies through videos classified the interviews, the controversy that if this is a new obstacle to get a job has more force.

 There are other companies that also offer video interview evaluations with AI, according to HireVue is the best way to conduct them, so that the reviews are fair and consistent, Parker indicates that the algorithms of this are pending the use of words, pronouns and facial expressions, which seeks to determine the attributes for specific jobs of these, among which enters empathy or desire to improve in learning.

 For those who do not have a work history are facing a new obstacle to get a job, Parker indicates that the AI has in its way of acting in the evaluation of the skills and talents of the person, the interviews in this way have an estimated time of 20 to 25 minutes, where the customer receives a report on the qualifications of the attributes that have the interviewee, said by Parker, the company offering the job receives a vision of this, deciphering what is good and how it is compared to other candidates.

 What can you be looking for with this new obstacle to getting a job?

 This has changed the way students work, because of the boom that this type of interview is having, says Meredith McCook, and she adds that what happens to students when they talk about the technological impact of the interview as a process, also trains them to prepare themselves in front of a camera, using their laptops and having them talk to the machine, Duke on the other hand employs online interviews being practice sessions for the students, with the AI we don't know what they are looking for, according to McCook, having the computer raised to eye level with the camera, maintaining eye contact is a way of training.

 We are still talking about whether this new obstacle to effective employment is considered, about it helps students to be better informed about it, at least at UNC Charlotte by French, also said that in terms of the use of AI will be asked to employers if they employ them in their virtual interviews, having the expectation that you can know something about this, but you are still concerned about using this new obstacle to get a job, when you first meet students are judged by everyone, the biggest problem that AI has is that between the hearts can not distinguish a person and the drive of this.

Facing the new obstacle to getting a job

 On behalf of Yobs, a company in Los Angeles that also employs AI, we have a simulator online that will be tested, all starting with a familiar question: what are your strengths and weaknesses, but the question here was what will an algorithm do with my answer, pausing and asking

 The instant I look at the camera on my laptop, without saying a word about myself, the anxiety came to me even more than in a face-to-face or phone interview, once I gave the occasional answer to my strengths and weaknesses, i made a recording of an ersatz interview where i talked about topics of the moment that a challenge faced with a team, i had 30 seconds to give an answer to Yobs to each question, where the answers had to be between 1 1 3 minutes, not having contact with a human being i felt mute that i could not even speak for 40 seconds, i was not able.

 The result arrived to my inbox some time later, where were the points generated by computers which had by name the 5 big ones, personality traits, where the score was high and in neuroticism it was low which is a surprise, my abilities were qualified as soft or interpersonal, my answers marked a tendency to cooperation, humility and analytical, but no signs of being assertive or empathic, The co-founder and CEO of Yobs, Raphael Danilo, expressed that the AI, analyzes what the interviewees and as they say, is something similar to HireVue, in case the video becomes of bad quality, or the speaker does not have a clear voice, a trained reviewer will inspect it, we are already very sure that this can be the new obstacle to get a job and we have seen why this is so.

 Danilo says that employing this method in the interviews is a challenge, but it is not comfortable to automate the entire hiring process for now, certainly if it can help and contribute to something, but it is a new obstacle to getting a job, even if employers do not see it that way.

 We finish with this information brought in this article, where we focus it in talking about the AI and the new obstacle to get a job, our goal is to impart the knowledge to our readers about the current situation.

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