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An alternative to brainstorming for your meetings

2020-01-13 16:36:16

In questo articolo avremo i dettagli della spiegazione of the brainstorming eats alternative.

I stopped him that the rhyme può aiutarci will generate a brainstorming in alternative, this method of association will allow a migliore to understand, in the company of the brainstorming è fondamentale and affidabile, rhyme to serve the way, per avere maggiori dettagli to riguardo la nostra raccomandazione è di loanre attenzione to the content of qui in poi, che ci parlerà di questo alternative instrument

In che mode il brainstorming può aiutarci eats alternative?

He rhymes serviranno like strumenti per generare il brainstorming, he lied to me if rilasseranno and possiamo will think chiarably to qualche stagnazione che potremmo avere, Eli forse non ha perso tempo dopo tutto, avere sessioni with a squadra è possibile ottenere l'acgeso a picesa to picesa its a specific argument, sarà il metodo giusto per arrivare a creare idee alternative, potresti non avere la conoscenza delle capacità del nostro cervello e quindi quelle nuove idee non emergono.

Dobbiamo will keep in mind that the conflict is not created in the situation in which the atmosphere is rigid, in a phase of brainstorming, when a sense of pressure is given by the group and the leader, the compulsory force is required to be precise, Che fa sì che that this alternative sia circondata gives so much pressure finisce per limit and diminirire the capacità di coloro che partecipano, the realtà dei pensieri è possibile sviluppare, with the necessary technology and possibile che il cervello possa raggiungere agilità mintle, che conferred il collega nuove idee e nuovi brainstorming

.What activities can be a better alternative than brainstorming?

  •          Do something unimportant

Looking for a moment that can relax us, such as walking, organizing things, bathing with hot water and listening to favorite music, we may free our mind with any activity, without being a mental challenge to our mind, ideas will come in a relaxed state of our mind, the annoying questions we will give you the answers, the moderation of the external noises will help us to have more creativity, prevents us from getting distracted and thinking about a greater abstract, calm and creative ideas creation state.

  •           Complete something difficult to do

The challenges bring with them the ability to face better exercise for the brain, crossword puzzles, memory games if they do not present difficulty will not help, stimulation occurs when tasks are more complex and increases the growth of cognition, by The University of Hamburg was carried out an investigation in which 20 people were trained, who were trained in a month to juggle, in a week there was some growth of gray matter, the part capable of processing complex ideas, Learn a language, cook, handle a musical instrument, etc. There are many things that can be done that we had tried that we will be able to achieve.

  •           Meditation

Within ourselves are the ideas, meditation serves to channel the ideas and their connection, the concentration will be improved and we will make them flow easily and freely, was found in an investigation that when meditating at least one hour a day in Eight weeks there are measurable changes in gray matter and density, which is related to memory, stress, sense of being and empathy, this by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

  •            Sleep well

To learn to remember and create it is of great importance that you sleep, help in our different learning abilities, a night or restful sleep through a nap allows us to have a different ability to face a problem, Ullrich Wagner a German neuroscientist, in 2004 he realized A study in which it indicates that sleep is a form of inspiration for thoughts and even for new ones, being exhausted prevents decisions from being consistent.

In this way we conclude this explanation in our article, based on which in the brainstorming and other alternative, we hope you give the necessary utility to our readers this content

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