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90 million years ago, Antarctica was a rainforest

2020-04-12 23:59:33

Incredible !, you ever thought that Antarctica could be more than just frozen land, because if 90 million years ago it was a rain forest.

What can we say about Antarctica?

  Firstly, it is a land far enough away from the south pole that it simply has particular climatic conditions, where low temperatures are precisely what we will achieve throughout the year, as it is quite clear that very few people manage to make a living there, since It is generally a population that keeps rotating because there is really no livelihood to live on, due to weather conditions.

Was there ever rainforest in Antarctica?

 As we know it as we have studied it these days, it is possible to affirm that not because everything we know or hear is only ice and sterile soil, but recent studies have led us to reflect that this was not always the case.

 Nature magazine has been in charge of publishing some studies based on the Cretaceous around 90 million years ago, because for this era the land was warm enough and the panorama was different, since there could have been rain forest at this end of the earth.

 The published studies are mainly based on the extraction of some sediments located approximately 25 meters below the seabed of the glacier and it was found that this area really hides many more secrets than could be imagined, in such a way that it is possible To be located between the Cretaceous of the Mesozoic era, which implies the stage of the extinction of the dinosaurs, which includes more than 90 million years ago when Antarctica was possibly a rain forest.

 What has been achieved based on published studies on Antarctica?

 Certainly there is no way to show that there really were dinosaurs in this area of ​​the earth, however some remains of flora have been found that give clues about a possible rain forest, but to this are added some dinosaur fossils, so everything indicates that it could have been a comfortable enough place for these species that have left their mark to this day.

 So much so that some coniferous remains and other floras that normally live in swampy lands have been revealed, so the idea that a tropical rainforest existed in this part of the land is not surprising, until the possibility of being able to make a comparison with some jungles of New Zealand.

 Obviously, during the period of investigation and excavation they have been able to verify some nuclei that contain some fossils, but that is not all, because although today it is a space covered with ice, some pollen and spore particles can still be obtained that testify that it does 90 million years ago the fauna and flora of Antarctica was definitely a very different one from what is known today.

Were you able to endure a rain forest for only 4 months of light in a year?

 Obviously this becomes very interesting, especially since the sun is one of the main factors in photosynthesis and in the dark months, it is simply difficult to achieve, which is why scientists who have dedicated themselves to research claim that this may have been carried out. process in another way, counting precisely on the fact that enough CO2 was concentrated there.

 Probably 90 million years ago the earth was much warmer and this implied that Antarctica was a much more different place, since studies estimate that temperatures could have been between 12 ºC and 19 ºC, since it is clear that the concentrations of CO2 at that time was much higher in the atmosphere where it could be located at 1.60 parts per million and currently we do not even reach a third of it.

 To really consider that Antarctica has been covered by forests is simply phenomenal, because the amount of life that could have been concentrated there, in fact, could have been a living image that our planet has undergone considerable changes and that over the years it is possible more discoveries.

 It is impressive to imagine a tropical jungle at the poles, especially because since we have a notion we know that there is only ice, and more complicated even when there are only 4 months of light in a row and the rest of the year is darkness, but the sediments found in the Glacier of Pine Island indicate that some type of tropical life was there and it is only seen to diminish when it is possible to get away a little.

 Definitely Antarctica is a part of the land that still keeps many secrets, but just by discovering that it was a tropical jungle millions ago is only reason to clarify that simply everything can change and we are not exempt from these changes.

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